Can Dogs Eat Hummus

Can Dogs Eat Hummus

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No, dogs shouldn’t eat hummus. If you are like us and you love this delicious creamy Middle Eastern dip, you probably have some at home right now. You also probably noticed how your dog looks at you while you eat it. Dogs don’t care what we are eating; they just want a bite of it. Here is what you should know about giving hummus to dogs.

Is hummus safe for dogs?

No, hummus is not safe for dogs. You should resist your dog’s puppy eyes, and under no circumstances should you give your dog your hummus. Here are the ingredients that go into making hummus;

  • Chickpeas - Chickpeas are the main ingredient, and they are safe for dogs to eat. Check out this article - Can dogs eat chickpeas?
  • Garlic - Garlic is highly toxic to dogs, and you should never feed your dog things that contain garlic. For more information, check this article - Can dogs eat garlic?
  • Salt - Dogs have delicate sodium levels, and you should avoid giving your dog things that are very salty.
  • Tahini - You can make hummus with or without tahini. Dogs can eat tahini safely.
  • Olive oil - Olive oil can be very beneficial to dogs. You can mix it with their usual kibble.
  • Fresh lemon juice - Small amounts of lemon juice might be safe for dogs, but it will cause stomach issues in large amounts. Plus, dogs don’t really like the sour taste of it.
  • Cumin - Cumin might be safe for dogs in small amounts, but if your dog eats a lot of it, it will cause digestive issues.

hummus with bread

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whenever you want to include something new in your dog’s diet, you should talk to your vet and ask their opinion and advice. They know your dog’s medical history and will surely know what is safe for your dog.

In conclusion

Hummus might be a delicious dip, but it should stay reserved for humans. Hummus contains ingredients that are potentially very toxic to dogs, and it would be best not to give any to your dog. Individually, some ingredients in the hummus recipe are safe and beneficial to dogs, but garlic makes it really unsafe.

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