What Will Happen If I Share Doritos With My Dog?

What Will Happen If I Share Doritos With My Dog?

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Doritos are one of the most consumed snacks in America, and as a dog owner, there is a high probability that you will think about sharing some Doritos with your dog. Before you do that, you must know if Doritos can harm your dog or will they provide nutritional value for him. Since there are many types of Doritos, dog owners are divided, and while some claim that dogs can safely eat them, others are strongly against it.

Can dogs eat Doritos?

If we talk about regular Doritos without spices, the dog could eat it, but given that even regular Dorito is packed with some nutrients that can harm your dog, we don't see a valid reason why you should give some to your dog.

Dogs seem to love the smell and taste of Doritos, and if you decide to give your dog one bite, he will be ok. You must understand that Doritos will not offer any nutritional value to your dog's diet, and we don't see the reason for giving him some. There are many healthy and tasty human food that you can give to your dog that will add nutritional value to their diet.


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Can Doritos harm my dog?

If your dog grabs a Dorito or two, in most cases, he will be alright, and nothing will happen. You should only be concerned if your dog managed to eat a lot more Doritos, especially if Doritos contain some spices that are toxic for dogs. Onion and garlic are ingredients that can be found in Doritos, and they are toxic for dogs.

Doritos contain salt and fat that can cause different health problems if ingested in large amounts. If you regularly give him Doritos, your dog could quickly become obese and experience problems.

Besides ingredients found in Doritos, there are also some other concerns that you should be aware of. We like to eat our Doritos with different dips. Most dips are extremely dangerous and toxic for dogs, and if you decide to give your dog Doritos, you should never dip a Dorito in dip and offer it to your dog.

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Why do dogs seem to love Doritos so much?

We all know that dogs have a better sense of smell and taste than we do, and Doritos seem to have a unique smell that drives dogs crazy, especially some specific flavors like cheese. For some reason, Doritos attract them more compared to other human food.

Besides the smell, Doritos are thin and crunchy, and dogs love that. So smell and crunchiness will make your dog crazy about this popular snack.

Why do some people like to give Doritos to their dogs?

There are two main reasons why people will offer their dogs some Doritos. Either they will use them as a treat to reward the dog, or they simply just cannot resist the sad puppy eyes their dog gives them while eating Doritos.

Regardless, you should be careful if you decide to share some with your dog because of all the potential things mentioned above.


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Are there any healthy alternatives to Doritos?

The most obvious alternatives are dog treats because you cannot make a mistake with them. They are specially made for dogs, and there will be no harmful ingredients.

If you want to award your dog with some human food, we advise you to go for the safe food that will not cause problems for your dog and still offer him some nutritional value.

You can give your dog

  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Pineapple
  • Pear
  • Pumpkin
  • Watermelon

With this human food, you will not put your dog at risk of developing some health problems.

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