Can Dogs Eat Chips

Can Dogs Eat Chips

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There aren’t many things that are as crispy and delicious as chips. If you have a dog and you love chips, you might have wondered, “Can dogs eat chips?” Many dog owners want to share some of their food with their beloved dogs, but before doing that, they should know the correct answer to the question we just mentioned. If you’re wondering whether dogs can eat chips, the correct answer is - probably not. Here’s what we mean by that.

Are chips safe for dogs?

Potato chips will most likely not poison your dog, especially if your dog scooped up a chip that fell on the ground. However, if you know how chips are prepared, you’d understand why it is not the best idea to give them to your dog. Here are just some reasons it is best not to give chips to your dog;

  • Oil - Potato chips are fried in oil. Dogs cannot digest oil-heavy foods, and consuming too much of them can lead to issues like pancreatitis.
  • No vitamins - Chips contain absolutely no vitamins whatsoever. If you’re including something new in your dog’s diet, it has to serve a purpose.
  • Carbohydrates - Potato chips are packed with carbs. Sure, carbs are a good energy source, but the amount in chips is more likely to lead to weight gain and obesity.
  • Salt - Most chips are really salty, and dogs should not consume too much salt. It can lead to salt poisoning, high blood pressure, and dehydration.
  • Artificial flavors - This snack usually contains an unhealthy amount of additives and artificial flavors. You should never give your dog these things.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you decide to give your dog some new foods, make sure you talk to your vet first. Ask for their advice and make sure they give you the green light.

What to do if my dog eats chips?

If your dog eats a few chips you dropped on the floor, chances are they will be completely fine. Make sure your dog has plenty of water and keep an eye on their behavior. However, you can expect some gastrointestinal distress if your dog ate more than a few chips. Some of the symptoms you will most likely notice are;

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach ache
  • Excessive gas
  • Dehydration
  • Decreased appetite

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If your dog somehow got their paws on a lot more chips while you weren’t looking, you shouldn’t panic. The first thing you should do is call your vet. They can give you the best possible advice about your dog. Most physical issues should be resolved in a matter of 24 hours, but make sure your dog can’t reach any more chips.

Long-term feeding with unhealthy foods can have worrying health consequences for your dog. They will most likely gain weight, develop joint problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiovascular issues. It is important we resist their cute face and simply deny them any foods they will not benefit from. If you want to give them a snack to spice up their life, try giving them something healthy like an apple or a banana.

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