Can My Dog Safely Eat Cilantro

Can My Dog Safely Eat Cilantro

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Yes, dogs can eat cilantro. However, there are a few things and restrictions that apply. For example, your dog should not eat too much of it because their digestion might get upset. If you know how to safely include cilantro in your dog’s diet, you will get your dog to eat a healthy ingredient that can offer them some health benefits. If you ever wondered, “Can dogs eat cilantro?” here is what you should know.

Is cilantro safe for dogs?

Yes. Cilantro is entirely safe for dogs to eat. However, you should keep an eye on the amount you feed your dog. Small amounts of cilantro will give your dog vitamin C, A, zinc, potassium, and many other beneficial nutrients. In fact, small amounts of cilantro can help calm down your dog’s upset digestion.

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How can I safely give it to my dog?

If you want your dog to reap the benefits cilantro has to offer, there are a few ways you can safely include it in your dog’s diet. You have to “trick” your dog into eating it because most dogs don’t really like its taste or smell. Another thing you should probably do before you feed cilantro to your dog is to talk to your vet. Ask them for their advice and guidance if you want to include something new in your dog’s diet. Here are some of the easiest ways to include it in your dog’s diet;

  • Slice it into tiny pieces and mix it with your dog’s usual kibble. You can include brown rice if your dog has an upset stomach.
  • Use cilantro as an ingredient in homemade dog treats. Things like homemade pumpkin dog treats will ideally mask the cilantro you included.
  • You can make a healthy smoothie your dog can eat. Include things like apples, bananas, cilantro, and plain greek yogurt. You can add it once a month to your dog’s kibble.

Keep in mind not to overfeed your dog on cilantro. It might be good for an upset stomach, but too much of it will have a completely opposite effect.

In conclusion

Cilantro can be a great addition to your dog’s diet. It contains many vitamins and minerals that can benefit your dog’s overall wellbeing. However, you should keep the portions small and don’t let your dog eat too much of it. If you want to know more about the importance of vitamins for your dog, check out this article - Vitamins for dogs.

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