What Will Happen If I Share Bologna With My Dog?

What Will Happen If I Share Bologna With My Dog?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Mar 28 2023


We all know that dogs like to eat meat and that their diet should include meat. Since bologna is a type of meat, we naturally assume that we can safely share it with our dog. Well, in reality, this will not work like that.

Bologna is processed meat, and it contains many additives and ingredients that can be harmful to our dogs. Just to mention, bologna isn’t a great choice for humans also.

Dog owners like to use bologna as a treat they give their dogs when they successfully complete the given task, and you are about to find out why you should consider this choice and find some better alternatives for your dog.

Can dogs eat bologna?

Generally speaking, dogs can eat bologna, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they should. The better question would be: Should dogs eat bologna? And the answer to that question would be – absolutely not.

Bologna is processed meat, and it is not good for a dog because you don’t know what you are getting. Ingredients for making bologna can be literally anything.

Bologna is high in sodium which can be pretty bad for dogs if they consume too much of it.

When is bologna bad for dogs?

Bologna is a bad choice for our dogs and for us. This food is high in salt content, and although dogs need sodium in their diet, they already get the required amount of sodium through their dog food; anything beyond this level will cause problems for your dog.

Of course, if you share a small piece with your dog, there are little to no none chances of your dog experiencing some health problems, but why take a risk? Some dogs could have a reaction even after eating a few small pieces.

Further, bologna contains a lot of omega-6 fatty acids, and these fatty acids are actually helpful for dogs in a small amount. Since bologna contains a fair amount of these fatty acids, there aren’t many advantages, but only a possible risk of your dog developing some additional health problems.

Bologna contains many calories that will not mean much for your dog and will only potentially create some problems for him. Constantly offering your dog food that is high in calories will for sure cause the development of additional health problems, with the number one problem being obesity.

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Will bologna cause toxicity for my dog?

Bolobna directly cannot cause toxicity for your dog. However, you must understand that by regularly feeding your dog bologna, he will for sure develop some health problems. One of them could be pancreatitis, a life-threatening problem that could kill your dog in the long run.

Because bologna will not cause instant toxicity, you shouldn’t think you can share a small piece of this food with your dog. All dogs are different, and while some could experience problems after eating too much of bologna, others can show symptoms of problems just after eating a few pieces.

It is better to be safe than sorry and not allow your dog to come near bologna in the first place.

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What if my dog is allergic?

As we said earlier, people will use just about anything to make bologna. Some even call bologna “mystery meat” because you will not know what you will get.

This could be extremely dangerous if you own a dog with a specific health problem or a dog with allergies to certain things. Your dog could be allergic to some ingredients that can be found in the bologna, and in no time, your dog will show symptoms of health problems.

The best thing you can do is not risk and stop sharing this food with your dog.

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When to contact your vet?

Whenever you notice unusual behavior from your dog, or if your dog starts to show any symptoms that could indicate health problems, you should immediately contact your vet, especially if you are an inexperienced dog owner and haven’t seen these symptoms from your dog in the past.

When your dog starts to show symptoms in these situations, every minute is important, especially if something serious is bothering your dog. The faster you provide the required support and treatment for the dog, the better his chances of full recovery.

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