Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoni

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Giving pepperoni to your dog is not a good idea, and it is not recommended. Pepperoni might be one of the most popular pizza toppings out there, but it is not something you should share with your dog. If you are a dog owner, you surely noticed your dog looking at you while you eat. However, you should ignore those puppy eyes and keep pepperoni for yourself. Here is what you should know about pepperoni and dogs.

Is pepperoni safe for dogs?

The shortest possible answer to that question is - No. Generally speaking, pepperoni and other processed meats are not safe for dogs. In fact, you should avoid giving them to your dog. Pepperoni contains loads of salt, fat, and spices. None of these ingredients are safe for dogs. You should avoid giving your dog things that can contain onion and garlic, and some brands of pepperoni include them in their recipes.

pizza with pepperoni

Some dog owners want to share a slice of pizza with their dogs. However, that might not be the best idea. Check out more details here - Can dogs eat pizza?

What if my dog eats pepperoni?

If despite your best efforts, your dog grabs ahold of pepperoni, you shouldn’t panic. Try finding out how much exactly your dog ate and call your vet. Chances are your dog will be completely fine, but there are potential issues your dog might experience. Some of the symptoms you should watch out for are;

In worst cases, dogs that got ahold of too much pepperoni can experience digestive issues, salt poisoning, kidney issues and are at a higher risk of developing pancreatitis.

In conclusion

Giving your dog human food is generally not a good idea. Feeding table scraps to your dog is a bad habit, and most responsible owners avoid doing it. Pepperoni contains high amounts of salt, fat, and seasoning, so it is a really bad addition to your dog’s diet.

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