7 Reasons Why Are Dogs So Loyal [2023 Research]

7 Reasons Why Are Dogs So Loyal [2023 Research]

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You probably heard many times that dogs are the most loyal animals. They create a strong bond with their humans, and they adore us as much as we love them. But why are dogs so loyal? Is that connected to genetics, or does it have environmental influence?

Our behaviorists conducted research, and they found the answer to your questions: why are dogs so loyal?

Are all dog breeds loyal equally?

Generally speaking, all dog breeds are loyal. There can be some causes that one breed is more faithful than the other, and that comes from a lack of pack behavior. Dogs that didn't have a true pack in their history could be less loyal, but that's just a wild theory, and it's not scientifically proven.

Most loyal dog breeds

You can always choose which breed is most loyal based on their characteristics and appearance. Dogs will be devoted to their owner (the pack leader). Some breeds can be more affectionate toward their owner, but generally speaking, all dogs can be loyal. Some dog breeds are listed high as the most loyal dog breeds in the world, and you can check them here.

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Reasons why are dogs so loyal

Our behaviorists did research, and they concluded the main reasons why dogs are so loyal. You probably already heard some of them, but some of them could surprise you. Let's start.

1. You are a pack member

It is widely known that dogs are pack animals. Dogs look at every member of their pack as an essential member, much like the human family. Because of that, they don't need to adapt to different living orders since dogs look at their human family as pack members. Like you feel loyal to your parents and siblings, dogs feel loyal to you.

2. Your dog needs you

Domesticated dogs rely on our help. In most cases, they will struggle to survive without human assistance. Our dogs need us since we provide them with food, water, and other necessities. Besides the main requirements for survival, we also provide shelter for them, play with them, take them on adventures, etc. Your dog will start to connect these actions with you, from the puppy age, and their loyalty will come out.

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3. Genetics and breeding – selective breeding

Dogs went through the process of domestication. Their genes have changed a lot since the beginning. Dog breeding can have a lot of influence on dogs' behavior, followed by loyalty. Selective breeding was introduced, and it completely changed how we look at dog breeding. With selective breeding, breeders can influence dog size, temperament, etc.

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Selective breeding aims to promote good dog traits, and loyalty is for sure one of them.

4. We share the same history

Since the beginning of time, both dogs and humans have been predators. We both had to hunt to find food and survive. We used the same methods to capture prey with organized attacks. In some areas, humans and dogs hunt together. From this bond, both humans and dogs had benefits. Many years of this bond created a strong loyalty between dogs and humans.

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5. We share a deep bond

Dogs and humans have worked side by side for many years. As soon as you bring the puppy to your home, your bond will develop. Not every dog will create an equally strong connection with the owner, but in general, all dogs will make some kind of bond. The stronger the bond, the more loyal your dog will be.

6. They have empathy for humans

Whoever owned a dog in their life knows that dogs can have empathy. Although it might seem weird for people that had never owned a dog, this theory is scientifically backed up. Dogs can sense your emotions, and they will change their behavior based on your mood. If the dog notices that you are having a bad day and that you are sad, he will snuggle near you and keep you company. Scientists proved that dogs will also change their behavior toward strangers. If they notice a stranger in a bad mood, dogs will try to help.

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7. Spending time with you makes the dog happy

A study from 2015 shows that dogs are excited about seeing their owner that their hormone level (oxytocin) will increase after a few minutes of spending time and interacting with their owners. Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for happiness.

The same way you feel better when you see your dog and play with him, your dogs also experience the same feeling. You are his pack leader, and interaction with you will bring happiness to your dog.

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Will rescued dog be more loyal?

Many owners think that rescued dogs will show more love and affection toward the humans that saved them. That is more of a human trait that we give our dogs, but in reality, your dog will be loyal to you because he now has a new pack that he is a member of and not purely because you rescued him.


Dogs are loyal species; everybody knows that. The dog's loyalty will depend on different factors, but in general, all dogs are capable of being faithful to their humans. Scientists have proven another reason why dogs are so loyal, and mostly they are connected with their history and heritage.

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