Why Are Dogs So Cute?

Why Are Dogs So Cute?

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Dogs are, besides cats, one of the most popular pets in all parts of the world. Many owners consider them part of their families and will do everything for them. Just one look at a dog will make many people smile. Owners will agree that all dogs are cute. But why is that so? Why are dogs so cute, and how come every time we look at them, we start to smile?

Why are dogs so cute?

For starters, dogs have an appealing appearance. There are many different dog breeds, all unique and appealing. Dogs will be appealing to many people with large heads, big glowy eyes, fascinating fur, and ears. Besides their appearances, their movement could also make them cute. Most dogs are clumsy and often make us smile with their funny adventures.

A recent study has compared human babies and puppies and how people will react when they see their pictures. A study has shown that looking at a baby and puppy picture triggers the same parts in our brains and releases good and happy chemicals.

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What will make a dog cute?

Since dogs are generally considered cute, there are characteristics that people recognize as parts that make them cute, and they include

  • Large rounded head
  • Big eyes
  • Big and floppy ears
  • Round body shape
  • Soft body parts
  • Floppy movement

Far more characteristics make dogs cute, but these are the most common ones.

Our own dog is the cutest

Although we agree that all dogs are cute, every dog owner will debate that their dog is the cutest. Since dogs enter our lives, we have learned to live with them, spend a lot of time together, and they became a part of our family. Because of that, you will look at your dog differently, and of course, you will see him as the cutest dog in the world.

Very fast, we will create a strong bond with our dog; because of that bond, our bodies will release the oxytocin chemical. Oxytocin is also known as a love hormone, and it is released into our bloodstream when we are happy and relaxed. Our dogs actually do a lot of good to our health.

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Were dogs less cute in the past?

Some studies showed that dogs are now cuter since they are domesticated. It is no wonder that this is true. In today's world, taking care of a dog and keeping his good looks is much easier. There are many grooming salons, but owners will gladly groom their dogs at home.

By constantly providing your dog with proper care and hygiene, most certainly, they will appear cuter than before.

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Puppies vs. adult dogs – which are cuter?

Most dog lovers will immediately tell you that puppies are cuter, but in reality, the cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. While some can look at puppies and think they are the cutest creatures in the world, for others, adult dogs will be much more appealing and cuter. But we can all agree – all dogs are cute.

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