Good To Know: Why Are Dalmatians Fire Dogs?

Good To Know: Why Are Dalmatians Fire Dogs?

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Dalmatians are among the most popular dogs today, called "fire dogs." Many people wonder why that is and why Dalmatians are fire dogs. If you look at their current characteristics, nothing specific will cause them to be better fire dogs than other dog breeds. To answer this question, we must look at the past and get an idea of this connection.

How did it all start?

Although this may seem weird, firefighters weren't part of a government when they started doing their business. Each firefighter company was privately owned, and they were very competitive. There were cases where different firefighters were fighting for territory and jobs.

The first firefighter that came to the scene and put out the fire was getting paid by insurance companies. You now understand that you had to be the fastest to get paid.

Firetrucks didn't exist back then; they used horse-drawn carriages, which is why Dalmatians were chosen. Firefighters needed dogs. They could get along with horses and could take this fast rhythm. Dalmatians were the best dogs for the job since they knew how to calm the horses around the fire.

dalmatian fire dog

FUN FACT: Horses are scared of fire, and with Dalmatians by their side, they make their job more accessible, and they feel more comfortable around the fire.

They were also capable of running fast and long distances and could follow the rhythm of firefighters. If you are a Dalmatian lover, you most probably know that these dogs can be slightly aggressive. Although these aren't desired characteristics in today's world, they were praised back then.

Dalmatians were also used to protect their horses, trucks, and the firehouse, which earned them the title of firehouse dog.

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Beautiful sight

Without a doubt, Dalmatians are one of the most beautiful dogs out there. In the old days adding Dalmatians to firefighters also meant that people would admire them. You can imagine a scene where firefighters rush to the fire scene, led by a group of these beautiful dogs. At this moment, Dalmatians became a symbol of firefighters and their battles with fire.

dalmatian fire dog

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Usage of firetrucks

At the beginning of the 20th century, fire trucks replaced horse-drawn carriages. At that moment need for firefighting dogs has unfortunately disappeared. To save this tradition, firefighters still have a few of these dogs as a symbol of their courage and the help they brought to the firefighters in the past.

Tradition lives on

In today's world, Dalmatians are used more as mascots in memory of the old days and how they used to work side by side with firefighters.

Some fire departments still use Dalmatians as company dogs, and they no longer ride alongside the truck but instead inside the truck. We are so glad that this tradition lives on and that we will never forget how much these dogs help us, humans, in the past. They, for sure, are amazing dogs.

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