180+ Hawaiian Dog Names & Their Meaning

180+ Hawaiian Dog Names & Their Meaning

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One of the first things dog owners have to do is pick a name for their new puppy. This is one of the first major decisions a future dog owner has to make, and it is not an easy one. There are thousands of names you can choose from, and sometimes, having so many choices can lead to problems. However, if you follow this advice, your decision might be a bit easier.

Hawaiian names used as an inspiration to dog owners for many years now, and if you are a fan of the culture, some of these Hawaiian dog names might be right for your puppy. Here are a few things you should know when choosing a Hawaiian dog name.

Things to consider

When choosing a Hawaiian dog name, you should know that it is a long process; and it should be. You want to make sure you will make the best possible choice for your new puppy and for yourself.

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A dog’s name should reflect their temperament as much as it should reflect their owner’s temperament and imagination. Plus, dog names come in and out of style all the time. Popular movies, books, TV series, athletes all influence the owner’s decision-making process. However, there are still some universal guidelines they should follow.

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Make a list

One of the first things dog owners should do is to make a list of potential dog names. Write down all the names you (and your family) like and start discussing them. Many parents allow their kids to choose the dog’s name, and perhaps they already have something in mind. In that case, making a list is just a backup plan.

Test the name you like

If you have a few strong contenders, it is time to start testing them. Some dog names sound awesome in our head, but they simply don’t roll over the tongue nicely. They can be hard to pronounce, or they simply take too long to say. You’d want a shorter dog name that you can yell out authoritatively.

Names that sound like commands

Choosing a name that sounds like a command is simply not a good idea. All dogs should be trained, and a command like “Sit is one of the first and easiest things you can train your dog to do. However, if your dog has a name like Kit, they can quickly get confused. The dog won’t know if you are telling them to sit or you are calling their name. It is best to avoid names that sound like commands.

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Hawaiian dog names

If you have ever been to Hawaii, you know how beautiful that place is. It has one of the most laid-back and beautiful cultures in the world, so it is not a huge surprise many owners want to pick a Hawaiian name for their dog. Here are our favorite Hawaiian dog names that might help you choose one for your dog.

Male Hawaiian dog names

hawaiian male dog names

Female Hawaiian dog names

hawaiian female dog names

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