Dog Inspired Pokémon

Dog Inspired Pokémon

Author WDF Staff


Ever since Mr. Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese video game designer, started the Pokémon company, the world has been obsessed with these fictional wild creatures. Kids worldwide fell in love with Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Team Rocket. Everyone was following their adventures and their Pokémon journey.

Pokémon had remarkably expanded their universe since its beginning in 1996, and it looks like their popularity is not dropping. When the Pokémon GO video game was launched, there wasn’t anyone happier than dogs whose owners started playing the game. Dogs were taken out many times a day while their owners tried to “Catch ‘Em All.”

We prepared a list of our top seven dog or dog-inspired Pokémon from different generations.

1. Growlithe 

Growlithe is from the original 150 Pokémon, or Generation I. It is a dog Pokémon that is a fire-type. James of Team Rocket, one of the beloved characters in the Pokémon anime series, had a Growlithe nicknamed “Growlie.” James left Growlie when he ran away from home, but Growlie remained forever loyal to him. Growlithe has brindle markings on his fur, and those markings can be found in different dog breeds like the Dachshund, Presa Canario, French Bulldog, etc. Like most Pokémon, Growlithe can evolve, and his evolvement is called Arcanine.

dog pokemon growlithe

2. Arcanine 

Arcanine is also a fire-type dog Pokémon that was directly involved when Ash battled Pete Pebbleman. Ash’s Pikachu ultimately defeated Pete’s Arcanine. This canine Pokémon has orange fur and brindled markings that make him look like a tiger with a mane. Arcanine has diamond-shaped ears and a small, round, black nose. It is a powerful Pokémon who can run 6.200 miles in 24 hours. In the Pokémon universe, this Pokémon is praised for its bravery and loyalty.

arcanine dog pokemon

3. Snubbull

Snubbull is another canine inspired dog Pokémon that was based on the Bulldog breed. In this universe, it is a fairy-type that can evolve in Granbull. It is a pink Pokémon with loose skin covering its lower part of the body and giving the impression of Snubbull wearing a dress. The Bulldog’s connection is clear; this dog Pokémon has a strong underbite, just like the canine in our Pokémonless world. Although Snubbull has a rough appearance, it is described as being loyal and playful.

dog pokemon snubbull

4. Granbull

The Granbull is a Second Generation Pokémon of the fairy-type. It is a purple Pokémon with a distinct underjaw and two large lower fangs. It is also based on the Bulldog, and their similarities are easy to spot. Granbull has such a large jaw that it has trouble keeping its head upright. It has a short tail and two black bands on hands. Despite having a mean appearance, the Granbull is quite peaceful and timid, much like the Bulldog that inspired Granbull’s creation.

dog pokemon granbull

5. Lillipup 

The Lilipup is a normal-type dog Pokémon that was most likely inspired by the miniature Yorkshire Terrier. This Pokémon was introduced in Generation V, and this cute little dog Pokémon has round brown eyes, a red nose, and a lot of fur on its face. Lillipup can use his facial fur to detect and examine its surroundings. The Lillipup is much like the real-life version of the Yorkie, easy to raise, intelligent, and brave. Like most Pokémon, Lillipup evolves. His evolution is Herdier.

dog pokemon lilipup

6. Herdier

Herdier is a light brown dog Pokémon that has been inspired by the plucky Scottish Terrier. Just like the Terrier, Herdier has long mustaches. It also has a three-pointed crest on the forehead. Herdier is described as friendly, loyal, and brave. Those characteristics are close to the Scottish Terrier, whose job was to help farmers keep their stables rodent-free. In the Pokémon universe, Herdier is described as being helpful with raising other Pokémon. Lillipup has a third evolution, and after it evolves into Herdier, Herdier can evolve into Stoutland.

dog pokemon herdier

7. Stoutland

Stoutland is the final form of Lillipup. It is a canine Pokémon with a special talent for saving people lost at sea and in the mountains. It is most likely inspired by a large mountain dog with a longer coat. Stoutland has long fur that falls to the ground. We can connect that to a Bergamasco Shepherd, who is brave and watchful. Stoutland was described as intelligent, trustworthy, loyal, and friendly. Those are the characteristics of many sheepdogs, and it is easy to see where the creators got their inspiration.

dog pokemon stoutland

The world of Pokémon has been with us for a long time, and we certainly hope it will continue to make children around the world happy and excited. If you are looking for a real-life companion, think about getting a dog. Dogs are loyal companions that will follow you and protect you on all your life adventures, and until we can get real-life Pokémon, dogs will have to do.

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