Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy & How Will They React To Pregnancy?

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy & How Will They React To Pregnancy?

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For most of us, our dogs became the main part of our families. Since they are around and know all our routines, behaviors, etc., they can undoubtedly notice if something is different. You may already know that dogs use their noses to find different scents, and their noses and sense of smell are much better than humans. Dogs can pick a scent that humans cannot, and that makes them superior in some way.

During pregnancy, like it or not, you will change – not just physically but also on a behavior level. Dogs will quickly pick up that something is different. Because of their sensitive noses, this is nothing strange. They are used for picking up different smells such as detecting cancer, drugs, money, insulin levels, etc.

So if you are wondering, "can dogs sense pregnancy?" Stay with us; you will learn about dogs and their abilities to sense different things.

Can dogs sense pregnancy?

Many behaviorists have studied this topic, and what they found shouldn’t surprise us. They determined that dogs will for sure pick up different smells and scents and will know that something is happening, but we are not sure that your dog will know exactly that you are pregnant.

So to sum this up – dogs can sense changes in your life and your body but will not understand at this time why it is happening.

How early can my dog sense pregnancy?

Many owners reported that their dogs noticed something was different and indicated they were pregnant long before owners realized this was the case. It is quite possible that some dogs can sense your changes from pregnancy even after a few weeks, but there could also be a situation where your dog will not notice or sense anything until your belly starts to grow.

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It all depends on your dog's breed. Some dogs have much more sensitive noses than others, and it is not strange that they will pick scents much faster. Especially if we talk about dog breeds used for police and military purposes to detect different scents. Their noses have many more receptors and are excellent at finding smells.

How will my dog react to my pregnancy?

As you may expect, there is a high probability that your dog's behavior will change during your pregnancy. Different factors will determine will these changes be good or bad for your dog. Here are a few changes you can expect from your dog during pregnancy.

1. Dogs will become more protective

The first and most apparent behavior change will come in protectiveness. Your dog could quickly realize that you have become more careful and that you always protect your belly in different situations, and your dog will pick that up and become protective of your and your baby.

 Although dogs will not know what they are protecting, they will understand their assignment based on your behavior. Many owners have reported that their dogs choose who can come near the pregnant women when the dog is “guarding.”

2. Dogs can become clingy

It is known that women will go through a lot of emotional changes during pregnancy, and your dog could notice them and always be by your side. Your dog can realize that you need someone to be next to all the time, and he will be there for you.

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3. Rise of curiosity

Even if your dog is not curious by nature and he doesn’t explore different things, in this case, he could become curious. When you find out you are pregnant, that will require some changes in your home. You will start buying baby things, clothes, crib, etc., and your dog will be curious about what is happening and will want to investigate all that.

The best thing you can do for your dog is to allow him to explore all new things so he can get used to a new home arrangement and become familiar with new things.

4. Stress or anxiety

Not all reactions will be good. Some dogs sense that things are about to change and may feel stressed or anxious. To stop this from happening, you shouldn’t forget about your dog. You should keep their routines on schedule and provide him with all activities he had before you realized you were pregnant.

By doing this, you can ensure that your dog doesn’t feel left out and will better adapt to new changes in your life. If it seems that nothing helps your dog, we advise you to seek professional help instead of leaving things as they are.

5. They can show you more love

Many dogs will show you more love than ever. They will be more cuddly and will always want to be near you. You can expect to be your baby's best “nanny” from the dog. These dogs will probably want to spend as much time with your baby as possible and be their guardian.

How to ensure that my dog doesn't feel left out?

Some owners will not have problems with dogs being left out since they will, from the first moment, adapt to the new arrangement and will want to be a part of all your baby's activities. But unfortunately, not all owners are all that lucky.

Some dogs can feel left out, and you must find a way to protect your dog and allow him to adapt to new changes. The first and foremost thing you must do is be on schedule with your dog. We realize this can be hard since now you have more obligations, but you will have to find a way to do it.

Take your dog on long walks, go to the dog parks, play with him at home, etc. You must provide him with all the things and activities he had before pregnancy.

Some dogs will require even more of your care and attention. Don’t be mad at your dog because of this. You must understand that this is a significant change for them, and you should give them time to adapt.

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If you were ever wondering, "Can dogs sense pregnancy?" Most certainly, they can sense something is happening, but they cannot understand what. At least not in the early stages. Depending on different factors, your dog could become more loving, curious, protective, or even anxious when he realizes that something is different and the baby is on the way.

To reduce the risk of your dog getting depressed, you need to provide him with everything he had before you realize you are pregnant.

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