Texas Heeler - Breed Characteristics & Care

Texas Heeler - Breed Characteristics & Care

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The Texas Heeler is a designer breed originally bred and mostly found in the great state of Texas. Like most designer breeds, these dogs are a crossbreed. They were created by crossing the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd.

The goal with the Texas Heeler was to create a brilliant, hard-working farm dog capable of completing complicated tasks and jobs independently. Whenever a crossbreed is created, the aim is to get both parent breeds’ best qualities, and unfortunately, that is not always the case.



16 - 22 in



25 - 50 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 -15 years

Let’s see what kind of dog is the Texas Heeler and what we can expect from a hybrid like this one.

How was the Texas Heeler created?

It is possible that the mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Australian Cattle Dog happened naturally, but deliberate crossbreeding of these two breeds occurred at the beginning of the 1970s. The detailed history is unknown, and no kennel was officially credited with Texas Heeler’s creation.

It is believed that Lucy Guyness played a massive role at the beginning of the breed and that she was the first person ever to register a specimen of the breed. Pretty soon, other breeders started noticing this crossbreed's positive sides, so they kept developing the breed.

If you like this hybrid, check out the full profile of their parent breed - the Australian Cattle Dog breed profile.


The exact appearance of a hybrid puppy is nearly impossible to guess. Unlike purebred dogs, mixed puppies can end up looking very different. Plenty of gene combinations can happen, so the exact characteristics are hard to guess.

texas heeler puppy

Based on the two parent breeds, we can expect the Texas Heeler to be a medium-sized dog that could weigh between 25 and 50 pounds. Most of these dogs are between 16 and 22 inches tall. The exact look depends on dominant genes from one of the parent breeds.

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Depending on the breeding, Texas Heelers can have short, smooth, medium-long coats about 1 - 3 inches long. Again, the exact coloring of the newborn puppies can only be determined after birth; it would be nearly impossible to accurately guess the color.

We can conclude by existing specimens of this crossbreed that most of these dogs end up being black, blue merle, or blue ticked with tan or white trim. The care needed will depend on the type of coat your dog ends up with.

Coat care

You will need specific tools and knowledge to properly take care of your Texas Heeler’s coat. Most of these dogs are still used as working farm dogs, and they spend most of their time in the open. Giving them a bath every 3 to 4 months is more than enough for a working breed. The exact tool will be determined by either the medium-long or short, smooth coat.

1. Short, smooth coat

The short coat is the easiest to maintain, and you shouldn’t invest too much time in it to keep it looking its best. Proper coat care will ensure your dog is not only good-looking but that it also has a healthy coat. You can use Chris Christensen - Big G Slicker Brush to make sure you keep your dog’s coat at it’s very best.

2. Medium-long coat

Taking care of a longer coat might require a bit more effort. Australian Shepherds are known for having one of the best-looking coats in the whole canine kingdom, and taking good care of it is no small task. These dogs don’t have double coats, so that makes grooming slightly easier. Pet Neat Grooming Brush will help you control the shedding and maintain the medium-long Texas Heeler coat.


Shedding might be a problem with these dogs. They are medium shedders, and during the shedding season, controlling the loose hair can be a drag. If you have pets at home, getting an automated vacuum cleaner like the Roomba is always a good idea. The iRobot Roomba is a great ally if you have pets that shed; plus, it works with Amazon Alexa, so it is easy to control even remotely.

Interested in learning how to control the shedding of the Australian Shepherd’s coat? Take a look at this article: Australian Shepherd - Shedding Control.


There is nothing more important than a dog’s character, especially if it is a working breed. The Texas Heeler has an impressive lineage, and it is entirely expected of them to be an excellent herder. Both parent breeds are amazing working animals, some of the best in the business. However, the same problem remains; the exact character of a crossbreed is impossible to know.

We know from studying the existing Texas Heelers that most of these dogs have a tremendous working character. They are the happiest when they have some sort of a task or job they need to perform. They are not the snuggliest of dogs, even though they enjoy cuddling from time to time.

They can become protective of their favorite people and tend to herd people, especially kids. These dogs must be properly socialized and trained from an early age. These dogs are extremely active, so make sure you give them plenty of exercise each day if you do not intend on employing them as a working breed. Check out the most active dog breeds.

Getting a Texas Heeler puppy

Buying a crossbreed can be difficult, especially a breed that is virtually unknown outside Texas. These dogs might have an excellent working character, but they are rare and are an unrecognized breed. Finding a Texas Heeler puppy for sale can be problematic because there aren’t any breeding clubs or cynology associations that can point you toward a respectable breeder.

It would be best to get in contact with an existing owner and ask for advice and pointers. Look for a puppy that has a health test and whose parents are as healthy as possible. Even health tests do not guarantee that a puppy will be completely healthy, but it is the best possible start you can give your dog.

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