Pyredoodle- a Protective Poodle Mix

Pyredoodle- a Protective Poodle Mix

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The Pyredoodle is a designer breed that probably came to life alongside other popular Poodle crossbreeds of the 80s. Pyredoodles are one of the largest Poodle crossbreeds. Even though they might not be the most popular one, it is certainly an interesting crossbreed with a solid fan base throughout the US. Here is some helpful information you should know if you love Poodle crossbreeds and mixes like the Pyredoodle.



22 - 32 in



85 - 100 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 - 12 years

What is a Pyredoodle?

A Pyredoodle is a deliberate cross between the Great Pyrenees and the Standard Poodle. These two breeds might be different, but they can produce interesting puppies that inherit a wonderful character. However, the major issue with crossbreeds and designer breeds is that you can never be absolutely sure how the puppy will turn out.

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Genes are unpredictable, and there are far too many combinations that come into play when you mix these dogs from different breeds. However, if you breed two healthy dogs, there is no reason you should expect an unhealthy puppy. The idea with most Poodle crossbreeds was to create different hybrids that would inherit one particular characteristic - a low-shedding coat.

Physical characteristics of the Pyredoodle

Like with other Poodle crossbreeds, the exact physical characteristic of each individual Pyredoodle puppy is somewhat unknown. Puppies from the same litter can end up looking quite different, which is not something you wouldn’t expect from a crossbreed. However, there have been many Pyredoodles produced in the past 40 years, so we can draw some conclusions when it comes to their physical appearance.

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Most Pyredoodles come in gray, apricot, white, black, or have a mix of a few colors on their coats. They can have a single or a double coat, depending on which side of the family has more dominant genes. The Great Pyrenees is a mountain dog whose job was to protect livestock, especially sheep, from predators like lynx and wolves. They had to develop a double coat to withstand cold mountainous temperatures. Poodles were originally hunting dogs that have curly coats that barely shed. Mind you, they still shed, but most of the loose hair remains curled in their coat until the owner or groomer brushes it out.

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Both breeds are somewhat large, so Pyredoodle puppies are expected to be rather large dogs. Most Pyredoodles are 22 - 32 inches tall, and they weigh 85 - 100 pounds. They have shaggy, wavy, or curly coats that give them the Teddy-bear appearance. Their soft coats are one of their most attractive traits.


Besides their looks, one of the most essential things future Pyredoodle owners need to look for is the dog’s character. Again, the same problems will remain; crossbreeds don’t inherit constant characteristics from their parents. Genes are unpredictable when it comes to breeding two different breeds. However, if you breed two dogs with mild characters, it is not unreasonable to expect a puppy with a gentle character. Based on Pyredoodles that were bred so far, we can say these are their most common characteristics;

Great with kids

Pyredoodles come from dog breeds that are good with kids; in fact, the Great Pyrenees makes a fantastic dog for kids. They are protective and gentle with children, which seems to be the trait many Pyredoodles inherit from the Great Pyrenees’ side of the family. Poodles are clowns of the dog world, and they simply adore playing and goofing around with kids. That’s why many Pyredoodles make great playing partners to kids in their families.

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The Pyredoodle has a watchdog nature. They are keenly alert and aware of their surroundings, so don’t be surprised if they warn you about anything suspicious going on in their environment. However, that type of behavior can be directed at cyclists, mailmen, or unsuspecting joggers, so it would be best to train that behavior out of them. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a watchdog, chances are the Pyredoodle might fill the role just fine.

Calm and graceful

Most mountain dogs are relatively lazy, and if there is no reason for them to get up, they won’t. They are extremely confident because of their impressive size, and that is a trait many Pyredoodles inherit from their parents. These hybrids are generally very calm, and some owners have described them as graceful and regal. If their physical needs are met, these dogs will be very calm and peaceful.

Moderately energetic

Poodles are energetic dogs, and Great Pyrenees are powerful but not nearly as energetic as Standard Poodles. When these characteristics mix in the form of a Pyredoodle, the result is a dog that doesn’t need the same amount of exercise as your average Standard Poodle. These hybrids will love long walks and some playtime, but they don’t need to run a 5K race every day to prevent them from becoming destructive.

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Health issues

Some dog breeders claim that first-generation crossbreeds are healthier than pureblooded dogs, but that is not true. In fact, Pyredoodles are prone to diseases coming from both sides of the family. When crossbreed dog breeders claim their dogs are healthier, that is mostly just a trick to convince buyers to consider buying a dog from them.

The most important thing to do is make sure the puppy’s parents are as healthy as they can be. If we breed two healthy dogs, we can expect healthy puppies. However, since the Pyredoodle is a crossbreed, it is not registered with cynology associations or kennel clubs. The main issue with that is that there are no certified pedigrees that can prove breeding quality. Buying a crossbreed will involve trusting people you know nothing about and probably found online or through a recommendation. Here are some of the most common Pyredoodle health issues;

Most Pyredoodles are somewhat healthy, and the average lifespan of a Pyredoodle is 10 - 12 years.

Getting a Pyredoodle puppy

Generally speaking, we are against buying uncontrolled crossbreeds. There is no way of knowing if the breeding Poodles and Great Pyrenees dogs are healthy. When you buy a pureblooded puppy with a pedigree, you can easily check their family tree and see any health concerns you should look out for.

The best thing to do would be to check with Poodle rescue organizations and see if they have any Pyredoodles in need of new homes. You might save a dog’s life and get a great family pet that will be just as good as any dog bred by questionable breeders. However, if you are absolutely adamant about buying a Pyredoodle, you should prepare to pay at least $1.200. However, Pyredoodle puppies can go from $700 to $2.500, depending on their parent’s pedigrees.

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