Is Labrador Retriever a Good Choice For Kids?

Is Labrador Retriever a Good Choice For Kids?

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Labrador Retriever is a dog breed that holds the position of the most popular dog breed for over a decade now. They have been bred for hunting purposes at first but have migrated to the position of the best and kindest family dogs throughout the world.

They are a breed of gundogs that have served as hunter's helpers for years and their main job was to retrieve fowl. They have excelled at this job and hunters were extremely satisfied with the prey they brought back. They are known to have a “soft” jaw and that means they do not damage the prey they were tasked to return.

These dogs still have some hunting instinct in them and you can clearly see that in their favorite activity - playing fetch. These dogs love to run and return whatever toy you decide to get and play with them.

They are extremely friendly and kind and are usually great family dogs. They get along great with other dogs and they love spending time with their family.

They are originally from the Newfoundland part of Canada where they helped local fishermen with retrieving fishing nets and catching fish that got away from the net. It is believed that the modern breed was brought to Europe from Canada in the 1830s by British noblemen.

If you have small children at home and you are thinking about getting a dog, you will definitely make the right choice if you decide to go with the Lab.

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Labs and small children

These dogs are known to get along really well with small children and babies. They are calm and confident and are known to be extremely careful when interacting with children and they usually keep a peaceful demeanor around very small children.

However, they are a bit large and tend to get enthusiastic about displaying their affection so there is always a possibility that they can unintentionally knock over a child while trying to show them love and affection. The same goes for the elderly. They can run towards them for greetings and run into your grandma or grandpa and unintentionally cause them harm. They are better suited for a bit older children.

Labradors and toddlers

Having a toddler at home means you are used to the “toddler energy”. Kids love to play and sometimes it is hard for us to keep their pace. Labradors have a toddler-like enthusiasm for playing and plenty of energy to go with it.

Your toddler will have a great friend and a playing partner if you get this dog breed. They have loads of energy and can play with children for hours without getting exhausted.

Labs are extremely active and one of their favorite activity is swimming. That means your trips to the beach will make them the happiest dogs in the world. They can spend hours upon hours playing in the water and swimming with your kids. They are also known as lifeguards and will make sure to inform you if any incidents happen in the water. They have been known to drag people, especially children ashore.

There is a reason Labradors are so popular. They are the most popular dog breed in the USA and Europe for ages now and have been even more popularized in Pop culture and movies such as “Marley and Me”.

However, make sure you give them enough of daily exercise so they don’t develop bad behavior. If you decide to buy a Lab, make sure you find a reputable breeder or check your local shelter if they have this dog breed available for adoption. Also, make sure to read about all the breeds that are good with kids.

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