Jackweiler - Crossbreed Info & Care Guide

Jackweiler - Crossbreed Info & Care Guide

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Modern cynology is full of experiments, and one of those experiments is the charming Jackweiler. As you can probably guess from their name, Jackweilers are a cross between a Rottweiler and a Jack Russell Terrier. This is a “young” designer breed, but their charm and charisma were recognized as soon as the general public noticed these dogs. If you want to know more about this designer breed and how to properly care for them, stick with us for a bit.

What is a Jackweiler?

A Jackweiler is, as we mentioned, a crossbreed between a small but feisty Jack Russell Terrier and a large, powerful Rottweiler. This is somewhat of an odd pairing, but it seems to work for these dogs. However, future owners and adopters should be aware of a few things if they’re thinking about sharing their homes and lives with these dogs.



13 - 27 in



13 - 100 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

8 -16 years

Jackweiler general characteristics

When someone asks you to describe a breed, most of us will mention characteristics for which the breed is mostly known. Imagine describing a Dachshund to someone who never saw one before - you’d probably say they have short legs and long bodies. If you’re talking about a Golden Retriever, you will most likely mention their double coats and lovely temperament. Unfortunately, that might be pretty hard to do when describing Jackweiler’s characteristics.

These dogs are created from two very different dog breeds. That means they will be a mix between their parents, which means Jackweilers can have very different appearances. Even the dogs from the same litters can look completely different from one another. We are not only talking about colors here. Jackweilers significantly differentiate from one another by height, weight, coat color, coat texture, and even temperaments. However, based on dogs produced so far, here are some of the most common things dog owners noticed about them.

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Jackweiler size

One of the most critical things future dog owners want to know is how big their new dog will be once they come to their home. All puppies are relatively small, but Jackweilers can remain Jack Russell size or grow significantly taller. That might be a downside if you have limited space for a dog. Jackweilers can be anywhere between 13 and 27 inches tall and can weigh from 13 to 100 pounds. Again, even dogs from the same litter can have quite a size difference.

Jackweiler coat

Jack Russell Terriers and Rottweilers have similar coat textures, so this area shouldn’t surprise you too much. However, there were dogs that ended up with longer coats than their parents. Nevertheless, most Jackweilers end up with medium-dense, short, sleek coats.

Coat color

Rottweilers are black and tan, and Jack Russell Terriers are predominantly white with black and tan patches. If you combine these two breeds, their offspring can come in a combination of those colors. However, most Jackweiler coat colors are black, black and tan, and even white.

Jackweiler temperament

Another crucial thing many dog owners would like to know about their future dogs is their temperament. There is a massive difference between getting a calm breed like the Bulldog and an energetic breed like the Border Collie. Calm breeds need less physical activity. They can be considered easier to maintain and are better suited for owners that might have less time for their dogs. This can be a tricky part when it comes to Jackweilers.

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Jackweiler’s temperament can take on both sides of the family. These dogs can be more like Jack Russells; energetic, enthusiastic, smart, and with a high prey drive. Jackweilers can also be more like the Rottie; protective, calmer, sensitive, and will do anything to protect their family. It is also possible that Jackweilers end up with a temperament that is in between those traits. Most of these dogs are energetic, a bit stubborn, enthusiastic, and excellent watch dogs. Keep in mind that your individual Jackweiler might end up with completely different character traits.

Jackweiler care guide

If you want to be a good dog owner, there are a few things you will have to provide for your Jackweiler. They might be a crossbreed, but they still require things pureblooded dogs do. Here are the things the Jackweiler care guide;


All dogs need to eat, but there is a considerable difference between high-quality and poor-quality dog food. You need to provide your Jackweiler with the best possible dog food that fits your budget. There are fantastic options you can give to your dog. Just make sure they don’t have dietary restrictions.

Physical activity

This is something Jackweiler owners need to prepare for; Jackweilers are active dogs. They need a lot of activity during the day. If you fail to provide them with a healthy way to spend their energy, they will develop behavioral issues. This is true for all active dog breeds. The Jackweiler should have about 90 minutes of intense play sessions or walking each day.


Grooming is essential for the dog’s looks and for its health. Check your dog’s ears, eyes, paws, and pads. Trim their nails, and make sure you remove the plaque or tartar that might be building up in their mouth and on their teeth. Give the dog a bath or book a grooming appointment every 4 - 5 months to ensure their coat is refreshed and taken care of.

Training and socialization

Training and socialization should be a huge part of every dog’s life, and that is especially true for Jackweilers. These designer dogs can inherit “bad” traits, like Rottie’s protectiveness and Jack Russell’s enthusiasm. If you combine these two traits, you can end up with a dog that becomes unnecessarily aggressive. Training and early socialization can help you prevent that from happening. Make sure you start both processes as soon as the puppy arrives at your home.

Jackweiler health

The health of an individual dog can depend on many things. The first thing that will determine it is the genes the puppy inherits from its parents. The second thing is nutrition, followed by training and environment. Some owners and breeders claim crossbreeds are healthier than pureblooded dogs. However, that is not necessarily true. The term “hybrid vigor” primarily refers to plants. Still, some dog breeders decided to use it to promote the health of the crossbreeds they’re producing.

The truth is that Jackweilers can inherit health issues from both sides of the family. They can be prone to various health problems, but the most common ones are;

The Jackweiler’s average life expectancy is 8 - 16 years.

Price of Jackweiler puppies

While Jack Russells and Rottweilers make popular pets, the Jackweiler is a reasonably new cross. The general public is still learning about these dogs. That means they are not as common as other breeds. That also means that Jackweiler breeders don’t charge that much for Jackweiler puppies. The average price of a Jackweiler puppy is $300 - $600.

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