Irish Doodle - Designer Breed You Haven't Yet Heard Of

Irish Doodle - Designer Breed You Haven't Yet Heard Of

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Designer breeds are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, and one of our absolutely favorite designer breeds is the fascinatingly cute Irish Doodle.

These lovely dogs are usually very friendly, and they make great family companions. The Irish Doodle is a mix between a pureblooded Irish Setter and a pureblooded Poodle. Most of these dogs have golden or red, wavy coats, making them extremely handsome and ridiculously photogenic.



22 - 28 in



40 - 75 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

10 - 14 years

How did these dogs come to life?

Like most designer dog breeds, the Irish Doodle most likely came to life by unplanned mating of a Poodle and an Irish Setter. Most of these designer breeds came to life by accident, except the Labradoodle that was specially created as a service dog for a person with dog hair allergy.

The exact origin and creation of the Irish Doodle might always remain a mystery, but like many other hybrid breeds, this dog was first created in the United States. Their development and careful breeding of Poodles and Setters can be traced for the past 30 years.

irish doodle in naturePhoto credit: Keith Shoebridge/Flickr

Coat type

Most Irish Doodles seem to inherit the Poodle’s low-shedding coat that is either curly or wavy. Most of these dogs are great for people with allergies, just as their parent Poodle. These dogs can come in various colors, depending on their parents’ color, but usually, they are black, blue, silver, yellow, red, brown, or gray.

The exact appearance of the new Irish Doodle puppies is nearly impossible to know for sure. The main problem with hybrid dog breeds is that they are mixed. There are far too many available genetic combinations available to be sure of the exact characteristics the new puppies will have.

What are the rest of the Irish Doodle’s characteristics?

To understand the characteristics of the Irish Doodle, we need to look at their parent breeds and see what we can expect from these new dogs. Their characteristics shouldn’t be out of place in both parent breeds, so there is some predictability.

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General Health

Most of these dogs are square-built and have rather narrow bodies. Their muzzle can be straight (like the Poodles) or sturdy and square (like the Setters). Depending on their parents, this dog can come in various sizes. The Irish Setter is a fairly large dog, but Poodles come in three size varieties - Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Most of the Irish Doodles are mixes of the Standard Poodle, but some experiments were done with the Miniature and Toy, and we must say that results are just adorable.

How energetic is the Irish Doodle?

Even with the pureblooded dog breeds, each specimen can be different, and some dogs can be more energetic than others. Most Irish Doodles are energetic enough for a couple of walks a day and maybe a playing session. These dogs are not as active as a Border Collie or a Belgian Shepherd.

They usually love spending time in the open, and if you live in a house with a yard, you can let your Irish Doodle play as much as he wants. Once they spent their excess energy, they will come to the house for some water and a nap (most likely).

irish doodle runningPhoto credit: Keith Shoebridge/Flickr

What is the Irish Doodle’s temperament like?

Once again, it would be impossible to say exactly what an Irish Doodle puppy will be like, there are just too many options, and this designer breed hasn’t been studied enough yet. However, what we did notice so far was quite impressive. These dogs are usually very friendly. They are loyal to their families, whom they shower with love and affection.

Most of these dogs are pretty great with other dogs and with children. That shouldn’t be a surprise since both Irish Setters and Poodles are great with kids. These are great family companions that can be alert but are mostly too friendly to be guard dogs. They can make a decent watchdog that can alert you if somebody is approaching your home.

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Where can I get this dog?

Designer dog breeds are not yet been recognized by major cynology institutions. Still, luckily, some breeders are interested in creating designer dog breeds. Finding a breeder will require some searching, but social media can make that relatively easy.

What is the price of an Irish Doodle?

Interestingly enough, some designer dog breeds can easily become more expensive than the pureblooded we all were accustomed to. Luckily, the Irish Doodle’s price is not that high. You can get your new Irish Doodle puppy anywhere from 1.000 - 2.500 $.

When buying a dog, regardless if it is a pureblooded or a designer dog breed, find a reputable breeder that takes care of their breeding dogs. Even with designer breeds, it is not all about their looks. Puppies should have healthy, well-balanced parents that are not going to pass on any inherited diseases. Make sure you ask the breeder a lot of questions about their dogs, and they can help you make an informed decision about a designer breed you are interested in.

Getting an Irish Doodle can be a long process, but you will be happy you waited for your new, awesome dog in the end.

Photo credit: Keith Shoebridge/Flickr

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