Double Doodle - What Kind Are These Dogs?

Double Doodle - What Kind Are These Dogs?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


If you are a fan of designer dog breeds, you probably heard about two of the arguably most popular designer dog breeds in the world - the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle. However, there is a trend some future owners are looking at, and it is a hybrid of a hybrid called a Double Doodle.

A Double Doodle is a mix between the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle, making it unique even in the designer breed universe. Here is what you should know about these handsome pups.



18 - 21 in



30 - 70 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 -15 years


The exact origin of the Double Doodle is unknown. There aren’t any breeders that claim they should be responsible for the creation of these second-generation hybrids. Honestly, it is impossible to determine where these dogs actually come from.

Other than Australian Labradoodles and some hybrid clubs trying to create a registered breed out of a crossbreed, there isn’t much information about designer dogs and their origins. It is generally believed that the Double Doodle was first created in the ’90s in the US.

Physical characteristics

Like with any other crossbreed, the exact characteristics will depend on the parent breeds, or in this case, crossbreeds. Hybrid dogs like the Double Doodle are somewhat unpredictable. It is impossible to know which characteristic a Double Doodle puppy will inherit. Genes are unpredictable, and knowing which genes will be dominant and what a puppy will look like is impossible.

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Generally, crossbreeds are a mix of their parent breeds, so it is not unreasonable to expect a Double Doodle to have a wavy, low-shedding coat. That is the main goal behind the creation of -doodle crossbreeds. Breeders wanted to create smart, playful, friendly dogs that barely shed. The low-shedding characteristics are inherited from the Poodle side of the family. Poodles have curly coats that barely shed, and the loose dead hair would remain curled in their coats until the groomer or owner brushed it out.

Most Double Doodles are medium-sized dogs, and most of them come from Standard Poodle Labrador and Standard Poodle Golden Retriever mixes. It is expected that a Double Doodle puppy reaches a weight between 30 - 70 pounds. Most of these dogs barely shed, and they make great choices for families with members allergic to dog hair.

Dog Breed Characteristics

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More important than looks and physical characteristics is the Double Doodle’s character. All future owners interested in these dogs should know what they are getting themselves into. The best way to make sure a dog will fit in with you and your family is by reading and learning about their character. Here are some key traits most Double Doodles are known for;


Double Doodles come from three pureblooded dog breeds;

These breeds are friendly and make excellent family pets, so we would fully expect a Double Doodle to be a great family dog. If you ask Double Doodle owners to describe their dogs, most of them would agree their dogs love having the company of people and other dogs. Double Doodles are friendly and playful, making them great for large families that love playing with their dogs.

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All of Double Doodle’s ancestors are fairly energetic dog breeds. That means the new Double Doodle hybrid puppy should grow up to be an active dog breed. These dogs are best suited for families that love having outdoor activities. Double Doodles will love hiking, running, swimming, and any type of adventure you can come up with. Make sure your family is as active as these dogs before you get one.


Poodles are in the top 3 most intelligent dog breeds, and both Labs and Goldens are among the top 10. That should make Double Doodles a fairly bright crossbreed. First, Labradoodles were bred to become guide dogs, and that would not be possible if the dog weren’t intelligent. There is no reason you should expect a Double Doodle to be different. That means your Double Doodle pet will need plenty of activities, training, and socialization.

There are some clear advantages to sharing a home with an intelligent dog, like listening to your commands and fast learning.

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However, future owners should prepare to spend a lot of time with their dogs. Intelligent breeds like the Double Doodle need constant mental stimulation. If their mental needs are not satisfied, these dogs can become bored and destructive. Make sure you always have plenty of activities planned for your dog.

Health concerns

One potential downside when it comes to crossbreeds is the lack of information about their health. Pureblooded dogs have a decently studied health history, and when it comes to pureblooded dogs, most of the health concerns are known. There are standardized tests puppies and breeding dogs take to make sure only the best and healthiest genes are passed.

Crossbreeds and hybrids like the Double Doodle are only now being monitored and studied, and there simply aren’t enough data to track. However, we know these dogs can certainly inherit health issues from all sides of the family. That means that Double Doodles can get health issues from poorly-bred Goldens, Labs, and Poodles. Another alarming fact is that many hybrid dog breeders use questionable dogs for hybrid production. Most registered breeders will not give their dogs for hybrid production, which is when questionable breeding practices occur. Some of the most common health issues vets observed in Double Doodles are;

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No matter what the breed or crossbreed in question is, you should make sure your dog is vaccinated and have regular vet check-ups. The average lifespan of a Double Doodle is 12 - 15 years.

Double Doodle puppy

We always recommend adopting when it comes to getting a Double Doodle or any other crossbreed. Check with Poodle rescue organizations and ask if there are any Doodles in need of a new home. However, this is a somewhat popular crossbreed, so you are not very likely to find these dogs abandoned in a shelter.

If you are absolutely adamant about buying a Double Doodle puppy, make sure you talk to a breeder with great recommendations. Ask in the Double Doodle owner community about breeders and recommendations. If you find a breeder, you should prepare to pay between $1.000 and $1.800 for an average Double Doodle. Those puppies whose grandparents have great pedigrees can go for as much as $5.000.

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