7 Boston Terrier Fun Facts You Didn't Know

7 Boston Terrier Fun Facts You Didn't Know

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 02 2023


The Boston Terrier is one of the most popular companion breeds in the world. There is a good reason for that. They have lovely temperaments, and they love receiving and giving attention and affection. Boston Terriers might be a small breed, but they have a huge personality, and you can be sure these dogs will make you laugh.

If you are looking for a small, charming companion, these dogs will be perfect for you. They are more active than French Bulldogs and will gladly accompany you on any adventure you might have planned for them. If you are a fan of this adorable little charmer, then check out these cool Boston Terrier fun facts.

1. True American Gentleman

The first dog breed developed in the US was the Boston Terrier. They came to life due to crossing the English Terrier with the English Bulldog and have been carefully bred since then to promote their great temperaments. American breeders took special care of these dogs’ characters, and they wanted to create an ideal small family companion.

Boston Terriers

These dogs are nicknamed “American Gentlemen” not only because of their gentleman-like demeanor but because their unique coat pattern looks like they are wearing a tiny dog tuxedo. Their black and white colors set them apart from the crowd and certainly earn them a spot in the list of Boston Terrier fun facts.

2. Small athletes

These dogs might be small, but they are pretty accomplished athletes. Boston Terriers love running. Their low center of gravity and somewhat long limbs compared to their size make them ridiculously fast. They are agile and have pretty great stamina, making them well-suited to compete in agility competitions.

If you combine their physical characteristics with their intelligence, you end up with a dog that can quickly learn and master obstacle courses. Boston Terriers have a playful nature, so agility is just another fun activity for them. However, you will have to keep them sharp and ready, which means a lot of training.

Boston Terrier

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3. Psychic

OK, Boston Terriers are not really psychic, but owners describe them as having a sixth sense. These dogs are very sensitive and usually the type of dog that will form a powerful bond with one owner. It is typically the person that spends the most time with them, feeds them, walks them, and plays with them.

boston terrier puppy

Some owners said these dogs are sensitive to their moods. They “understand” and feel what their owners need. They will be very attached to them and want to spend as much time as possible close to their owners. Boston Terriers might not be guard dogs, but they will keep an eye on the surroundings and act as a watchdog every now and again.

4. Sound machines

Most dogs bark, and growl, except for some like the Basenji, but Boston Terriers have a whole range of sounds they make. They are very vocal and love letting you know how they feel. Sure, when they play, get angry, or get scared, they might bark and growl, but there are plenty of other sounds, like snorts or grunts, they will use to let you know how they feel.

This is usually a Terrier thing, and since Boston Terrier is somewhat a part of that group, they, too, are very vocal. They can snort, grunt, wheeze, and snuffle. Sometimes, they don’t even want anything; they will just make the sound because they can. One other thing these dogs are known for is snoring. They are a brachycephalic breed, so breeding issues can occur.

Boston Terrier puppy

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5. Bred with a bloody purpose

Initially, the Boston Terrier creators had different plans for them. All across the US and England, there was a popular “sport” called ratting. This is a bloody sport where a dog would be lowered in a pit filled with rats. Men would bet on the outcome and the exact number of rats a dog could kill in a minute. This was the original purpose of the Boston Terrier.

Luckily, blood sports became illegal, and most dogs needed a new purpose and role in life. Boston Terriers rebranded themselves as fantastic family dogs. They were selectively bred to the modern-day breed’s size, looks, and roles, which perfectly fit them.

boston terrier sitting

6. Massachusetts

A lot of American states have official dogs. Delaware’s state dog is the Golden Retriever, South Carolina has Boykin Spaniel, and Pennsylvania has Great Dane. It shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that Massachusetts, the Boston Terrier’s birthplace, chose this breed to be their official state dog.

These dogs, immediately upon their creation, became wildly popular all across Boston and the state of Massachusetts. It is unclear why they waited for 100 years to declare them as their official state dog. Whatever the reason is, state officials claimed the American Gentlemen as their state dog in 1979.

7. Two presidents had them

Boston Terrier’s popularity crossed the state borders pretty fast, and pretty soon, these dogs ended up in the White House. Two former US presidents had Boston Terriers. The first president was Gerald Ford. He had two dogs when he was young, and the dogs were called Fleck and Spot. Both were Boston Terriers.

The second president that had one of these lovable dogs is Warren G. Harding. His dog was called Hub, and Harding said he absolutely loved that dog. He got him when the dog was already an adult, and they passed away 10 years apart.

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