Blue Lacy - Unknown Texas Dog Breed

Blue Lacy - Unknown Texas Dog Breed

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Blue Lacy is a fairly unknown dog breed that originates from Texas, US. These dogs are known for their exceptional hunting abilities as well as for their loyalty to their family. They are excellent dogs to be around and can be a great addition to your family. Continue reading to find all the important information about this dog breed and where you can find one.



17 - 25 in



25 - 50 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 - 16 years


Blue Lacy was created in the mid-19th century in Texas. A family named Lacy first created these dogs because they wanted a dog that could be used for hunting and herding purposes on their ranch. This dog had to be intelligent, loyal, and have a high energy level in order to work all day. They started to breed different dog breeds to create one suitable for their job. Finally, they developed Blue Lacy.

Originally Blue Lacy was named after George Lacy. It was a gentleman responsible for breeding the first Blue Lacy dogs. In Texas, these dogs were used for hunting different animals. Today they are mostly used for herding livestock on farms and ranches.

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Blue Lacy dogs are excellent to be around. They can be excellent work dogs as well as family dogs. They are highly intelligent and loyal and can get along with everybody. These dogs can be wary of strangers, and because of this, they are also suitable for the role of watchdogs.

Since this is a working dog breed, they will need proper training during their development phase to end up with a well-rounded dog breed that you can fully trust and that will not misbehave.

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Training and exercise

Blue Lacy dogs are highly intelligent and trainable; you can teach them almost everything. They require a lot of daily activities, exercise, and mental stimulation if you want your dog to be happy. They are excellent at obedience training, and in newer eras, Blue Lacy dogs could be seen in law enforcement and in search and rescue operations.

FUN FACT: Because of their high intelligence, they can be taught a variety of tasks, including tracking, herding, and hunting.

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Blue Lacy dogs will enjoy every activity you plan for them, but you must understand that daily activities are a must with these dogs. You should take your dog on long walks, runs, or even play with your dog in your yard. Consider purchasing some interactive toys or puzzles for your dog to solve, and you can be sure that this stimulation will leave him happy at the end of the day.


As with any breed, socialization is a must from an early age. This is especially true for working dogs such as Blue Lacy. These dogs will quickly learn what you expect from them, but in the beginning, you will have to put in additional effort.

Once your dog is fully socialized, you can be sure he will not misbehave.

Blue Lacy and kids

Blue Lacy dogs can be an excellent addition to your family. They will get along with them and will be very protective of them. These dogs create a strong bond with their pack, but you must be careful if you let your Blue Lacy dog near small children. They are high-energy dogs, and they could unintentionally hurt smaller children. Because of this, it is advised that you always supervise playing time between your dog and the kids.

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Blue Lacy and other animals

If you properly introduce them at an early age, Blue Lacy dogs could get along with other dogs and animals, and this includes cats. However, they have natural hunting instincts, so don't be surprised if your dog decides to go for a run on smaller animals.

Coat and grooming

Blue Lacy has a short and smooth coat that is relatively easy to maintain. Their color ranges from different shades of blue to red and tricolor. They shed minimally, so weekly brushing should be enough to keep his hair under control.

You should only bathe them as needed but note that frequent baths could result in stripping the natural oil from their skin, thus creating problems for your dog.

As with any other dog, you should regularly check their ears and teeth and trim their nail when you hear them clicking on the floor.

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Health problems

Blue Lacy are generally healthy dogs, and there are no major health concerns connected to these dogs. As with any dog breed, some dogs could develop hip dysplasia, eye problems, or allergies, but those are minor concerns that can be prevented with proper care.

Whenever you notice strange behavior from your dog, you should contact your vet and ask him for advice. By doing regular vet check-ups, you can be sure that nothing will go unnoticed and that your dog will not develop some serious illnesses that you do not know.

Where to find Blue Lacy dogs?

As you might think, Blue Lacy dogs could mostly be found in Texas, where they originate from. These dogs are becoming more and more popular outside of Texas, and in recent times they can even be found in other states.

If you are not interested in buying a Blue Lacy dog, you can always search your local rescue organizations and shelters to find these dogs available for adoption.

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