The 7 Best Dog Breeds for Athletes

The 7 Best Dog Breeds for Athletes

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There is nothing better than leading an active life filled with different activities and sports. Not only is that life incredibly fun, but it is also very healthy. Different activities will engage your entire body, which is incredibly beneficial. Athletes are usually very healthy, and their active lifestyle is fast-paced and filled with adventure. When someone like that decides to get a dog, the best possible advice we can give them is to get a dog that will fit their lifestyle.

When choosing the best possible dog breed for athletes, there are a few things to look for. However, the most crucial characteristic to look for is that the dog is as active and can keep up with their athletic owner. Cycling, hiking, running, or swimming is not easy, and it makes no sense to get a breed like the Bulldog that will not be able to keep up. Here are the best 7 dog breeds for athletes.

1. Border Collie

The magnificent Border Collie is the most intelligent dog breed in the world. Not only are these dogs incredibly easy to train, but they are also insanely athletic. They seem to have endless amounts of energy, and they will undoubtedly keep up with your speedy lifestyle. In fact, they will demand it.

border collie running

This working dog breed needs a lot of training and different activities, which means that a slow-paced, peaceful life at home will not suit them. These dogs are used to running around all day after a flock of sheep, and keeping them inside will not make them feel too happy.

2. Australian Shepherd

The athletic Australian Shepherd is closely related to our Nr. 1 pick. As you can imagine, these two breeds are fairly similar. They have superior intelligence and a sporty character that will love following you on all of your adventures and activities. The more these dogs run, the happier they are.

australian shepherd jumping in water

The handsome Aussie is not actually an Australian dog breed. This breed was actually created in the United States of America during the 19th-century gold rush. Farmers wanted to create a dog that is a well-rounded working breed capable of herding and following orders. They had to be incredibly active, and that trait stayed with them.

3. German Shorthaired Pointer

If you love hiking or running and live in a pleasant, moderate climate where the winters are mild, the German Shorthaired Pointer might be the best possible dog breed for you. These intelligent hunting dogs fit great with athletes, and they have plenty of energy to follow you anywhere you go.

german-shorthaired-pointer near a pond

These dogs love water, and they will swim any chance they have. If you have a lake or the ocean close to your home, that is the ideal environment for your German Shorthair. Plus, these dogs have thin coats, which means they need additional protection during extreme colds.

4. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is unique no matter how you look at them. These dotted dogs are not only beautiful, but they are also intelligent and athletic. Their original job was to follow carriages and keep the horses calm. These brave dogs even protected those that are inside the carriage.

dalmatian jumping

Dalmatians are also known as the “firefighter’s dog” because they were a standard part of the firefighting units in the US. in the 19th century. These dogs were incredibly calm close to fires, and they even kept the horses calm. The amazing Dalmatians used to run in front of the firefighting vehicles and cleared the path. Tell us that isn’t the perfect protective athlete’s companion.

5. Jack Russell Terrier

If you want an athletic companion but don’t want a larger dog, the Jack Russell Terrier is the best possible choice. These little guys are absolutely fearless and insanely active. They love going on hikes, running, and will gladly follow you wherever you want to take them. Sometimes, it will seem you cannot get them exhausted, which is exactly what an athlete needs from their companion.

jack russell portrait

Jack Russells are ratting and hunting dogs. That means they are not the best choice of a dog breed if you already have small pets at home, especially pets like guinea pigs, bunnies, cats, or gerbils. These feisty little dogs will see your other pets as prey, and since it is what they were initially bred for, they will try to hunt them. These dogs need to be socialized from the moment they come to your home.

6. Doberman

If you are looking for a companion and a protector, the Doberman might be the best choice for an athlete. These dogs are fearless, brave, and athletic. They have an impressive appearance and will not hesitate to protect you from any perceived danger. Plus, they are pretty easy to maintain.

doberman profile

The amazing Dobies are very intelligent. This characteristic is not something the general public focuses on, but it is still the truth. They can perform complex tasks, and well-trained Dobermans will know how to behave and react in any situation. Plus, is there anything better than seeing a well-trained, powerful, elegant dog such as this one?

7. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the most popular pets in the world, and many dog owners forgot why these dogs came to life. More than half of these dogs in the US are slightly overweight family pets. Still, at their core, Labradors are active hunting dogs that can be fantastic companions to athletes. If you want an active, well-behaved dog that learns fast and is easy to raise, feel free to go for a well-bred Lab.

labrador black

Labradors will do anything for food, and they are known as being slightly overly motivated by treats. However, they are also capable of enduring difficult work. Their athletic capabilities are up there with the most active dog breeds. These dogs usually get along with everyone, and even other pets like cats or bunnies will become their friends.

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