10 Interesting Beagle Fun Facts

10 Interesting Beagle Fun Facts

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The adorable Beagle is one of the nicest and most intelligent dogs you can ever meet. For the past 30 years, the Beagle has been one of the most popular dog breeds in North America. Since Ancient Greece, these dogs have served as human companions, hunting partners, and beloved pets. Although they have diminutive stature and are prone to mischief, these dogs have an adventurous spirit fueled by their genetic desire to track and hunt. We've compiled a list of some of our 10 favorite Beagle fun facts that you may not have known.

1. Pop Culture

If you search hard enough, you'll discover a Beagle or two lurking about throughout pop culture. These charming friends have been involved in everything from cartoons to politics. Snoopy from Peanuts was probably the most well-known Beagle, while Shiloh, a blockbuster film from 1990 about a dog and his boy, was also about a Beagle. This canine species has also been at The White House alongside President Lyndon Johnson and was a cherished companion of Queen Elizabeth I. A Beagle was once referenced by Shakespeare himself.

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2. Peculiar tail

Many Beagles are mistaken for the smaller Foxhound or even the larger Coonhound due to their coats, which typically feature patches of black, brown, or white. A white-tipped tail is the only physical characteristic required to be considered a real Beagle. Breeders of Beagles realize that a true Beagle must have this feature, even if it is just a few hairs right at the tip. Unlike the rest of their bodies, the white tips on the tail make the Beagle more visible in dense vegetation, such as woodlands or tall weeds, than it would be without it.

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3. They love their packs

Beagles are gregarious and often hunt or track in packs to attain a common goal. Beagles are known to get along great with their fellow canines, and they'll likely prefer a friend of their own in their lives. The pack mentality of your Beagle also means that they may not be a fan of long periods of isolation. In an effort to escape loneliness, some Beagles exhibited nervousness when left alone, including trashing furniture and jumping on window curtains.

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4. French name

The term "Beagle" used to refer to any dog that was a hound, but that has changed. The name itself is supposed to be a blend of two French nouns. The words "beer" and "guile," respectively, signify "open" and "throat." A "beeguele" is a term for a dog that sings from the throat. Because of the Beagle's characteristic baying sound, the name endured over time.

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5. Service dogs

Beagles are excellent working dogs because of their keen sense of smell. It is common practice to utilize Beagles as bedbug detectors. When it comes to preventing the spread of various diseases, controlled substances, food, and parasites, the Department of Homeland Security employs Beagles in airports. The name of this nosey squadron that keeps our country safe from these things is "The Beagle Brigade."

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6. Nosey

Beagles have an impressive 220 million scent sensors, compared to humans' mere 5 million. Because of their tendency to follow interesting scents they pick up, these dogs are frequently called "a nose with feet." Beagles can be trained to identify 50 different odors since their noses are so good at distinguishing between them. As a result, Beagles are frequently employed by the military and law enforcement to uncover restricted or illegal substances, like explosives, drugs, foods, currency, exotic animals, and many other things.

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7. Elvis detects pregnancy

No, we don't mean that the famous Elvis Presley could detect if a woman was pregnant. However, the "polar bear pregnancy detector" is a job description for one Beagle. Elvis, a two-year-old Beagle, was trained to sniff a polar bear's excrement to see if she was pregnant. Zookeepers who can't discern if their polar bears are genuinely pregnant or exhibiting pseudopregnancy greatly benefit from Elvis. Pregnant bear poo samples can be identified with 97 percent accuracy by Elvis.

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8. Goldilocks

Beagles have been nicknamed the "Goldilocks" of dogs because of their sweet temperament. In other words, they should never be overly aggressive, nor should they be shy; they're pleasant without being adoring and active without being obnoxious. The Beagle's amazing personality is just the first of the many remarkable characteristics these dogs possess. These guys are a hoot and are fantastic with children (when treated with respect). When they're not sniffing about, they're probably the happiest canines on the planet, except when eating, which they enjoy doing more than anything else.

Beagles' negative traits include their propensity to misbehave, especially when bored. With regular obedience training and enough exercise, the Beagle may be an excellent canine companion...who isn't too big or too small.

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9. Vocal

In order to communicate their feelings to other canines, vocal Beagles employ a wide range of distinct vocalizations. As a starting point, there's the conventional bark, which serves to warn the owner of the mailman's arrival.

Yodeling howls are reserved for the most exhilarating situations, like discovering an intriguing scent track. This encourages their companions to join in the hunt.

As if it weren't enough, when they're bored or sad, their melancholy howls may be heard, which they use to tell you all about their misery.

10. Beagles are hunters

Dogs like Beagles are great for hunting small animals like rabbits and hares. Their incredible nose will detect even the coldest trails and these adorable puppers appear to have unlimited energy. When fox hunting became popular, dog breeders bred the Foxhound by crossbreeding a Beagle with a now-extinct, Buckhound.

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