Are Poodles Good With Children?

Are Poodles Good With Children?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 15 2023


Having a dog and a family can be one of the most beautiful things in your life. There is nothing better than seeing your child have a dog's best friend. They can play together, take naps together, and you can be sure that your dog is always gonna be there for your baby when they need them.

Some dog breeds are better suited for living inside the house than others, and some dogs are natural “nannies”. Some dogs, such as the Newfoundland, are just natural guardians for children, and that is how they earned their nickname “Nanny dog.” Other dogs can certainly be great companions for both you and your children. Many dogs are good with children, and one of the most popular dog breeds in the world is the Poodle.

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There are four varieties of Poodles that are officially recognized by the FCI, and they are Toy, Miniature, Medium, and Standard. These four are a part of the same dog breed yet are held by a completely different standard. The smallest of them is the Toy variety.

Toy Poodles and kids

Toy Poodles are the smallest variety of the Poodle family and are the proudest. They can be great with children, but because of their extremely small size, they can be easily hurt or threatened by even a small child.

They are usually very playful and friendly but can defend themselves if they feel cornered and scared. They can just nib a child as a warning, and the child can get scared or hurt. These dogs need to be handled with care and are better suited for older children that have an understanding of how fragile this dog breed is.

poodle dog with ball

Miniature Poodles and kids

The Miniature version of this dog breed family is the most popular of the four types. It is a little bit bigger than the Toy and a bit smaller than the Medium. They are very playful and friendly and get along great with children of all ages.

They love to be at the center of attention and are known for their love of entertainment. They love to play with their family and enjoy the apartment lifestyle and everything that goes with it. They are also known as the clowns of the dog world, and they have a great sense of humor. These dogs can be fawn, grey, black, white, and brown. 

If you have a family with small and/or big children, the miniature Poodle is absolutely a great choice. Your children will have lifelong friends, and you can be sure that your Minnie will warn you about anybody approaching your kids.

Standard Poodles and kids

The Standard version is the biggest. They are very athletic and agile dogs that are known for their stunning looks. This breed is very intelligent, as the rest of the Poodle family is, so training them will be a piece of cake.

Because of their size, they are a better fit for children over 2 years. They are great for dog sports and have great stamina, so your children will have a playing partner who can keep up with the toddler playing pace.

Poodles are very patient. They can spend a lot of time with their children and not get bored. You should set rules for playing with the dog and make sure that your children understand them. It is a good idea never to leave your dog with your children unsupervised, no matter how good the dog usually is. Find out all the dog breeds that are good with kids.

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