9 American Bulldog Fun Facts You Didn't Know About

9 American Bulldog Fun Facts You Didn't Know About

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 03 2023


The American Bulldog is an American icon and a big part of American history. It worked alongside European migrants that came to the US in the 17th century. Although they were not considered an official breed as we know them today, this relatively large and muscular dog was a valuable farm worker.

The American Bulldog has similarities with the English Bulldog, but today, these two breeds are quite different.

The US cynology body does not fully accept the American Bulldog, but in November 2019, this breed was accepted into their Foundation Stock Service. That is the last step before gaining full recognition and becoming a full AKC member.

This famous working and companion dog is gaining popularity once again, and their numbers are on the rise all over the United States. We decided to bring you our list of American Bulldog fun facts.

1. Descendants of the Old English Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog is an extinct dog breed that was a famous working dog throughout the UK. It was a stocky and powerful dog that was in charge of various tasks on British farms and was used as a catch dog. Europeans started traveling to the New World, and they took their working dogs with them. Many of those working dogs were Old English Bulldogs.

These European farmers traveled south, and instead of keeping the breed “clean,” they mixed it with other bull-type dogs that had the best working abilities. Selective breeding (in the broadest term) is responsible for creating the American Bulldog.

american bulldog profile

2. Pig hunters

The main reason the American Bulldog became so popular in the South of the United States is feral pigs. Feral pigs are not a native species to the American South, and they had no natural predator. They are considered an invasive species and were often destroying crops and attacking farmers and animals.

American Bulldog had incredible strength and powerful jaws. Powerful enough to catch and hunt feral pigs. These dogs proved to be very effective in pig hunting, so many Southerners decided to get the American Bulldog for pig hunting.

3. Fierce protectors

Because these dogs are descendants of the Old English Bulldog, it is not surprising they inherited many of their traits. One of the characteristics they inherited is their guarding instinct. Three centuries ago, American Bulldogs were protecting farmers and their families from intruders and vermin like feral pigs. Pretty soon, they ended up being one of the most popular Southern guard dogs.

4. Size difference

The American Bulldog can vary in size a lot. Although the size that is considered standard for this breed is from 20 to 27 inches, some breeders selectively breed these dogs to be a lot taller, and some breeders want their dogs to be smaller but more muscular.

The American Bulldog’s average weight should be between 60 and 120 pounds, but again, it depends on the breeder. Some efforts are made to standardize the breed, and it even has a full standard registered in the United Kennel Club. Even that standard describes that American Bulldogs come in different sizes depending on their purpose.

american bulldog laying

5. American Bulldog vs. Pitbull

Some unfamiliar with the breed often mistake the American Bulldog for Pitbulls. These dogs have a relatively bloody history and were used for blood sports such as bull-baiting and dog fights. They are muscular, powerful, stubborn breeds that need strong leadership.

You can see some differences, and the most prominent ones are their muzzles and their body mass. A well-bred Pitbull should have a thin, muscular body and a longer muzzle, while the American Bulldog is heavier with a shorter muzzle.

6. Suspicious characters

The American Bulldog is a natural guard dog. These dogs require proper socialization while they are still puppies so they don’t become overly aggressive and territorial when they grow up. The American Bulldog is naturally suspicious of strangers, which is one of the traits that make them such great guard dogs.

They understand their territory well and will stop at nothing to protect it. Their stubbornness and perseverance were inherited and shared with the modern-day English Bulldog. If their owner gives a command, they will do everything they can to obey it, even if the command is impossible to execute. Ensure your dog is socialized correctly from the beginning so it doesn’t have any behavioral problems in the future.

7. American Bulldog puppies

One of the most surprising things about these American dogs is their litter size. Female American Bulldogs are capable of delivering up to 11 pups. Some breeds have significantly smaller litters, and it would be nearly impossible for them to deliver so many puppies due to their small size. The American Bulldog is a large breed with an impressive litter size.

american bulldog puppy

8. American Bulldog price

Buying a dog is not cheap, especially if that dog is well-bred and has excellent working abilities. If you decide to go for a working American Bulldog with a good pedigree, prepare to invest serious money. A well-bred American Bulldog puppy can cost anywhere from $1.800 to $3.500.

Their price can differ based on their pedigree, success, working ability, and even the breeder’s name. We recommend that you do a thorough check on the breeder before you decide to buy a dog from them. If an American Bulldog’s price is too low, we would argue that there is a good reason for that, and you should be very cautious when talking to a breeder that is selling cheap dogs.

9. American Bulldog lines

Not many people are aware that there are different American Bulldog lines, and all these lines specialize in a specific thing. There are five different American Bulldog lines, and they are;

  • Johnson
  • Standard
  • Painter
  • Hybrid
  • Old Southern White

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