Akita Inu Dog Fights in Japan

Akita Inu Dog Fights in Japan

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The Akita Inu dog breed has a rich history and a long one. There have been ups and downs for this breed and here is a few information about the bloodiest part of Akitas' rich and colorful history.

Around the year 1897, dogfighting was very popular in Japan and the Akita Inu (or Odate Dog as it was known in that period) was the strongest and most popular dog breed for fighting rings and was usually chosen for the role of a fighting dog.

Eventually, other breeds of native Japanese fighting dogs were crossbred with foreign and domestic dog breeds such as the medium-sized Japanese breed Shikoku, German Pointers, St Bernard's and Great Danes amongst others, and the result of all these cross breedings was a superior breed of fighting dog.

Once this process was completed, there were very few pureblood Akitas remaining and nearly 40 years passed before this blood sport was declared illegal and Akita Inu was declared as a natural monument and became protected by law.

To counter this newly made dog breed, the Akita dog breed owners crossed their dogs with Mastiffs and other cross-breed dogs. Part of that was St Bernard dog breed and once again, Akita Inu became the superior fighting breed. At that time, dog owners were mostly focused on developing a dog that was best suited for fighting and they weren’t too concerned about dogs' visual appearance.

It is believed that the Akita Inu as we know today is a result of the combination of cross-breeding of the Matagi-Inu (Akita’s ancestor) with the European breeds, Tosa Inu dog and the Karafuto.

As with all of the 6 native Japanese dog breeds, export was not allowed until the beginning of the 20th century and the Meiji restoration period. The first Akita Inu's were exported to England in 1937, that same year the first Akita dog arrived in America with Mrs. Helen Keller.

Bloodsports are forbidden in most parts of the World, yet the problem remains and dogfighting is illegally held in many places around the World. In Japan, illegal fights are still organized by the Japanese underground and it is usually associated with the Yakuza.

Some of the other dog breeds that were mostly used for this blood sport were: the Rottweiler, The Pittbull, Presa Canario, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Bullterrier and many more. Many of the fighting dog breeds are now extinct since their purpose was exclusively blood sports and when this sport was made illegal, these dog breeds became obsolete.

We strongly believe that no animal should be raised for these types of purposes and that dogs are our companions and pets. We urge everyone who notices suspicious activities to notify the authorities immediately. Read more fun facts about Akita Inu dogs.

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