Redbone Coonhounds - 7 Things to Know

Redbone Coonhounds - 7 Things to Know

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Redbone coonhound is quite a fascinating dog breed that has been in America for quite a long period. They are well known for the beautiful mahogany-like red coating that surrounds their bodies and is majestic to the eyes.

They are well-tempered and very affectionate to their owner. They’re also known for their exceptional hunting abilities. Their loyal and loving nature makes them a fantastic family dog, as well. They are the type of dogs who are comfortable and happy with some companies around them. To add more knowledge about this beautiful breed, below are seven fun facts that will get you more interested in redbone coonhounds.

1. Healthy Diet, Happy Dog

Like most dog breeds, redbone coonhounds also need to be fed with a healthy diet. They preferably need to be fed with top quality dog foods than foods from our dining table. Table foods do not adequately provide the right kinds and appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy.

Also, being mindful of the water that they drink is essential. When brought outside to nature, these dogs are naturally active and adventurous, increasing their chance of drinking from stagnant water sources, which in some cases cause illnesses like leptospirosis, kidney damage, and liver disease in dogs.

2. They Were Crossbred Wayback

Redbone coonhounds were crossbred initially in the 18th century. They were bred from red foxhounds, bloodhounds, and Irish hounds by American settlers during the expansion of the new nation. That explains why they have red coating since one of their primary ancestors were red foxhounds.

Their ancestors were crossbred intentionally to create a new breed, which is the redbone coonhound. The breeders did this because they needed faster and more agile hunters to hunt for food and animal parts for merchandise.

This breed was also often portrayed as lazy house dogs on the front porch. But when it comes to forest chase, they are recognized for their natural hunting abilities and tenacity in pursuing their targets.

3. Run Raccoons, Run!

One of the main reasons why they were bred consistently is for their capacity to hunt raccoons. In the past, their primary purpose was to hunt raccoons for their meat. These dogs were agile and very energetic that their natural physical abilities were well-suited for hunting.

The story was breeders over the time they created a method where they progressively bred coonhounds that can tree raccoons and other prey, agile enough to track any terrain, fearless in facing bigger prey, and the ability to swim in situational scenarios.

redbone coonhound

4. Grooming

Grooming redbone coonhounds takes just the right amount of effort to maintain. They only need subtle amounts of grooming. This breed is not prone to allergy, just shed moderately, and only needs brushing in a weekly schedule. Their coating is naturally not very furry, making it more manageable to maintain.

They also have a natural musty scent, which can be lessened by implementing regular baths. Their ears also need to be habitually cleaned, for they are sometimes prone to ear infections. Checking their nails is also essential, for they tend to grow nails faster than other breeds.

Redbone Coonhounds have short, slick hair that can be difficult to pick up. It is probably a good idea to invest in a good vacuum cleaner if your furry friend lives in the house.

5. Different Trails? No Problem!

Redbone coonhounds are also known to be sure-footed in different types of terrain.

They have a medium-sized body build, sharply proportioned, and have a proportionately balanced gait. These dogs possess a broad chest and a sturdy back build held up and supported by strong-muscled legs.

With this kind of body structure and amount of muscle strength they have, these dogs are well-suited to maneuver mostly anywhere, namely swamplands, rocky grounds, mountainous trails, and other demanding land areas that are mainly challenging for different breeds.

6. Needs Activities And Exercise

Because this dog breed has high energy levels, is an in-born hunter, and has a body built for hiking on any grounds, it has a natural need to maintain regular exercises and activities in any form. They need to regularly deplete their physical energy to maintain their overall physical health.

An adult redbone coonhound in good shape requires a decent amount of activity time. Setting up time for a minimum of one hour to two hours of walking and jogging every other day is a good and recommendable exercise.

7. Sharp Smellers

Another fantastic trait they have that makes them active hunters is that they are both cold-nosed and hot-nosed though they are more hot-nosed.

Hot-nosed meaning they can track fresh smells in an area that helps them get a fresh catch. Cold-nosed means they can still follow older scents from which they are left on land, making them useful locators of their prey’s habitat.


With all the facts mentioned above, one can say that redbone coonhounds are ideal pets not just for people who preferably want them only as household pets, but for people who are naturally adventurous and love to go outdoors as well.

But whichever the case may be, the most important thing is that we must be passionate enough to study and explore more about the facts and nature of this breed so that we will have a good understanding of how to take good care of them and love them for what they are.

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