Leonberger – Fluffy Giant

Leonberger – Fluffy Giant

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Leonberger is a dog breed that is also known as Leo, Gentle Lion, and Gentle Giant.

1. Where did the Leonberger first originate?

The breed's name comes from the city of Leonberg in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. They first appeared in 1846. and they were first bred by a German breeder by the name of Heinrich Essig. Mr. Essig was trying to create a new dog breed that would have a special character that he liked in other breeds.

2. Are they rare and where they are most found today?

This is a new breed and they are relatively rare. Today they are mostly found in their country of origin, Germany. Their popularity is growing across Europe, especially Russia.

leonberger dog looking

3. What dog breeds were used for the development of Leonberger?

Three breeds were originally used for creating this breed: Newfoundland, Long-haired Saint Bernard, and the Great Pyrenees.

4. Do they make good pets and do they have a good temperament?

Leonbergers are devoted to their family, friendly toward children, well composed with passersby, self-disciplined, confident, sensitive, and don’t like to be in the middle of an argument.

leonberger puppy

5. What does this dog look like?

Similar to the Newfoundland but has a black mask over its muzzle and comes in varieties of yellow to fawn colors. Its coat is thick and dense and medium length. Males have a dramatic feature, a lion-like mane around the neck and chest.

6. What are the typical coat colors of the Leonberger?

Lion yellow, red, reddish-brown, also sandy (pale yellow, cream-colored), and all combinations in between, always with a black mask.

adult leonberger

7. How big can this dog be?

This dog breed generally has a height of 65-80 cm centimeters and can weigh 45-77 kg kilograms as an adult.

8. Are there any personality traits that belong solely to Leonberger?

Leonbergers don’t have character traits that are unique to them but they are very aristocratic in their demeanor.

leonberger puppy smiling

9. Do they learn quickly and follow commands?

They are very intelligent and therefore trainable, but they can be stubborn. Since they are intelligent and eager to please, with positive training methods, they can be easy to train and they can quickly learn new things.

10. How do you care for a Leonberger?

These dogs should be brushed daily, especially in the areas of his body that tend to tangle and mat: the mane around the neck and chest. A more complete grooming session should be done once a week—and since these dogs are huge, this might take a while.

leonberger dog

11. Do they shed?

Leonbergers shed a lot—and during the season they shed even more than that (Spring and Fall).

12. Do they need a lot of exercises?

They are very calm dog breeds but you should provide them with at least one longer exercise a day to prevent destructive behavior. They will enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking and jogging. Especially they love water, so if you decide to take him swimming he will be very happy.

13. What is the lifespan of a Leonberger?

8-10 years

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