4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Whelping Box Spot

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Whelping Box Spot

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Bringing a litter of puppies into the world is one of the best things you can do as a dog breeder. However, there are so many things to think about. The most important is, of course, the dog’s health. Nevertheless, one of the things all dog breeders will have to think about is where to place the dog’s whelping box. Picking the perfect spot is crucial for several reasons. Here’s how to pick the best spot for a whelping box.

Why is a whelping box important?

Before we go into the importance of the whelping box’s placement, we have to mention why the whelping box is essential. A whelping box will protect the puppies in the first weeks of their life. It will keep them isolated from the elements and prevent them from wandering off. Plus, a whelping box will protect them from being crushed by their mother.

A whelping box is as crucial for the mother as it is for the puppies. She will instinctively look for a cozy place where she won’t be bothered by other dogs. Moms can become agitated and pretty defensive when others approach her puppies, so a whelping box will reduce her stress and anxiety levels.

Why is whelping box placement important?

The main reason whelping box placement is important is - safety. In fact, it can mean the difference between life and death. There are many cases where a male dog, rarely a female, kills a whole litter of puppies. This type of behavior is not unusual. It is not something most dog breeders want to think about, but it is important. If you place the whelping box in a secure place, the chances of that happening are a lot lower.

Tips for placing a whelping box

One of the first pieces of advice we would give you is to listen to other experienced dog breeders. Their advice is golden, and after speaking to many of them, we compiled a list of tips for whelping box placement. Here are 4 tips for picking the perfect spot for a whelping box;

1. Away from other dogs

The first thing you need to ensure is that the whelping box is away from other dogs. This can become an issue with breeders that have a lot of dogs at home or in the kennel. Nevertheless, it is absolutely crucial for everyone’s safety and comfort. Most breeders decide to place the whelping box in their bedrooms for at least the first couple of weeks.

2. Safety

As a measure of additional safety, you should put a playpen or some kind of fence around the whelping box. This is another obstacle other dogs will have to go through to get to the newborn puppies and mom.

3. Hearing distance

If you do not place the whelping box in your bedroom, at least put it somewhere where you can hear the puppies or their mom. If anything happens, you want to be within the earshot of the whelping box. If you need to react quickly and help a puppy, you can be there in seconds.

4. Environment

Wherever you decide to place the whelping box, you must mind the environment. Ensure the puppies are warm and not directly exposed to rain or wind. You don’t want puppies to get sick or improperly develop.

In conclusion

Placing a whelping box in a safe space is essential. You have to make sure other dogs can’t reach the whelping box, and your puppies are safe at all times. Limit the mom’s interactions with other dogs. Don’t introduce your puppies to other dogs until they already eat solid foods.

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