Main Reasons Why Dogs Get Stuck After Mating

Main Reasons Why Dogs Get Stuck After Mating

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


If you just started a dog breeding business, there may be some situations that will easily freak you out, and you will not know what to do. Your dog getting stuck during mating could be one of those situations. But don't worry, it is entirely normal, and you don't have to panic. Below we will explain why this happens and what you can do as a breeder when it does happen. Let's start.

Why do dogs get stuck after mating?

For experienced breeders, it is a well-known fact that dogs will often get stuck after mating. This is considered the last step in the process of mating. When the mating begins, the male penis (usually called bulbus glands) will get swollen, preventing the dog from pulling out. Dogs are, because of that, stuck together until the swelling disappears.

INTERESTING FACT: Medical term for dogs getting stuck together during mating is called a copulatory tie.

You may be wondering why the swelling happens in the first place. As you probably already know, dogs will go into heat twice a year (if everything is normal). From the evolutionary standpoint, there should be something that will maximize the chances of successful mating. This is the main reason why dogs are stuck together during mating.


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For how long will they be stuck together?

Every dog is different, but dogs will generally be stuck together for 5-30 minutes after mating. To ensure the dog doesn't feel frightened or anxious, you should always be by his side during this process. When the swelling disappears, the male dog will safely separate from the female.

It will all depend on the dog. You need to ensure that your dog remains calm throughout the process, which will help the process get faster. If your dog starts to panic, that can only prolong the time they are stuck together.

Why does this happen?

The main purpose of dogs getting stuck together is to increase the chance of fertilization. As we already said, dogs go into heat twice a year, increasing the chances of female getting pregnant.

What should I do when my dogs get stuck?

The most important thing is not to interfere and try to separate them. If you leave them alone, they will be perfectly fine, and nothing bad will happen. Make sure that you stand by your dog's side and do not allow him to start panicking. Try to keep your dog as calm as possible since it will speed up the process.

If you just started your dog business and are going into first mating, we suggest someone experienced to keep you company and guide you. For inexperienced owners noticing pain and discomfort in their dogs could trigger them to try and help the dog. But if you do so, you will only make things worse. Keep it calm, and allow your dogs to finish the process themselves.


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If my dogs get stuck together, does that mean the female is pregnant?

For longer the dogs are stuck together, the better the chances of fertilization (semen reaching the eggs). But understand that this does not mean your dog will be pregnant. Pregnancy will depend on many different factors, and just like it is with humans, you can't expect that every mating will be successful.

Pregnancy can be confirmed for sure after 25 days from mating.

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During mating, dogs often get stuck together, which is a completely normal process. Don't be scared and worried about your dog if he seems in pain and discomfort. You need to let the dogs finish the process by themselves. The only thing you can do is to be next to your dog and try to keep him calm as much as you can. By keeping him calm, you will fasten the process, and the sooner will all be over.

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