Should I Breed my Dog [5 Questions to Answer]

Should I Breed my Dog [5 Questions to Answer]

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All dog owners believe their dog is the best in the world. Our sincere opinion is that none of them are wrong. All dogs are absolutely perfect. It is entirely natural that a question like, “Should I breed my dog?” pops into your mind. After all, why would you deny the world the chance of having more dogs like yours?

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than you might expect. Dog breeding is very complex, and it is not enough to find a suitable mate for your dog. Producing healthy puppies is not simple, especially if you are thinking about breeding your pureblooded dog. Before you make a decision about breeding your dog, you should answer these questions;

1. Will the breeding improve the breed?

The reason for breeding your dog should not come from a sentimental place; it should be a logical decision that can be supported by arguments. Responsible breeders know that breeding should benefit the whole breed and not only help them financially. You have to make sure your dog is as healthy as possible and that adding your dog’s genes in the breed’s gene pool will not result in unhealthy puppies.

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2. Does your dog fit the standard?

While we know all dog owners think their dogs are the most handsome dog ever, the truth is that all dog breeds have official standards. The breed standard describes how a dog should behave, look, what colors can occur within a breed, how tall they can be, and even what type of coats they can have. If your dog doesn’t fit the standard, you will have a hard time finding a breeder willing to work with you and your dog.

3. What will you do with the puppies?

Owners of male dogs rarely have to answer this question, but owners of female dogs have to. Most dog owners imagine carrying for puppies is a piece of cake. However, the truth is entirely different. Pregnant and nursing female dogs need a special diet that costs more. Puppies need to be fed, tested, dewormed, vaccinated, and placed with families that will care for them. What will happen to the puppies if you don’t sell the entire litter? There are many things to consider when looking for the answer to the question, “Should I breed my dog?”

4. Can your budget handle dog breeding?

We already mentioned it, but dog breeding costs a lot. Before you start seeing any profits, there is quite a bit of money you have to invest. Vitamins, health tests, vet visits, pregnancy costs, and many different things will drain your budget. Before you decide to breed your dog, you should be absolutely sure your budget can handle the additional costs of dog breeding.


5. Are you ready to attend dog shows?

Many dog owners think dog shows are not necessary. However, dog shows are an excellent way of getting the recognition your dog might need for breeding. Experienced dog cynology judges can tell you if your dog fits the standard. Plus, if you end up getting a title, the puppies you produce will go for a lot more money.

In conclusion

Finding the correct answer to the question, “Should I breed my dog?” is not easy, nor should it be quick. Many dog owners focus only on the positives and being surrounded by puppies. It is very easy to talk yourself into something you might later regret. Dog breeding is not easy, and you should carefully decide whether or not you should breed your dog.

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