5 Reasons to Breed Dogs

5 Reasons to Breed Dogs

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Dog breeding has earned a somewhat unpleasant reputation. Dog breeders are thought of as irresponsible puppy-making machines that don’t really care about the welfare of their dogs. The truth is entirely different. Responsible breeders are not the reason shelters are full of puppies. However, there is one thing we can say positively about the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic - many animal shelters have been emptied. People everywhere looked for canine companionship during the lockdown.

Many dog breeders claim they only breed for themselves, and they are not in it for the money. It is true - dog breeding will most likely not make you a millionaire. Still, there are very good reasons one would become a dog breeder. Here are some of the best possible reasons to breed dogs;

1. Puppy demand

Animal rights activists and dog breeders don’t always see eye to eye on many issues. The main problem is that animal rights groups look at responsible breeders and puppy mills as one and the same. However, a responsible breeder will never let their dog end up in a shelter. They will stay in contact with new owners and give them advice on raising and caring for the puppy.


The demand for well-bred, healthy puppies is still reasonably constant; in fact, it is even on the rise. People across the US are looking for pureblooded, predictable dog characters. The only way that can happen is if the dog is carefully bred by a responsible breeder. Many dog buyers are turned away from US breeders and clubs because there are simply not enough puppies. Dog breeding is expensive, and there are some costs a dog breeder has to be prepared for, but the puppy demand is fairly big. Chances are the breeder will sell their dogs with a profit.

2. Improving a breed

A dog breeder looking to improve an existing breed is possibly the best possible reason to get into dog breeding in the first place. There are many specific diseases that can affect specific breeds. Many breeders want to selectively breed dogs to remove undesirable traits like deafness, blindness, or a short lifespan from a dog breed. That has to be one of the noblest reasons to breed dogs.

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Selective breeding was a part of dog breeding for thousands of years. That is how we ended up with specialized dog breeds. Some dogs are ideal for police and military work. Others make fantastic companions and therapy dogs, and some are used for farm work and herding. All of that was achieved by careful breeding and promoting desirable traits within a breed.

3. Healthy dogs

One of the best reasons to breed dogs is to produce healthy dogs and puppies. Unlike puppy mills or backyard breeders, responsible dog breeders take special care of their breeding dogs. They study pedigrees and spend months searching for the best possible breeding mate for their dogs. Looks are important, but they are not the most important thing a dog breeder will look for. They want to know they will breed healthy dogs that will stay as long as possible with their new families.

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For example, Great Danes have an extremely short lifespan due to their accelerated development. They are the breed that often gets osteosarcoma. Luckily, responsible Great Dane breeders are looking for solutions to that issue. They are carefully breeding the healthiest bloodlines that live the longest. A great reason to breed dogs is to provide healthy dogs with longer lifespans to the general public.

You can read more about common types of cancer in dogs here - All about cancer in dogs.

4. Breed preservation

Many movements fight against dog breeding, but when confronted with the question, “What will happen to existing dog breeds?” they don’t have an acceptable answer. Another great reason to breed dogs is breed preservation. There are more than 400 internationally recognized breeds, and some, like the Otterhound, are close to extinction. Luckily, many breeders are trying to save these rare and wonderful dog breeds.

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We can’t think of a better reason to breed dogs than to save and preserve historical dog breeds we know and love. Preserving these long bloodlines is important. The world would be a lot less fun without breeds like the Golden Retriever, Labrador, or Poodles. A dog breeder’s work can go a long way towards breed preservation.

5.  Dogs, dogs, dogs

One of the “selfish” reasons to breed dogs is - you will be surrounded by dogs all the time. Dogs are our favorite animals, and we are the happiest when we can spend some time with our beloved pups. They are amazing, and there is nothing better than feeling the love your dog has for you. A dog breeder will be surrounded by dogs at all times. Recently we visited a breeder that lives with 7 Swiss White Shepherds, and we can’t even describe how fun their home is. Mind you, it takes time and money to take care of so many dogs, but the joy you feel makes it worth it.

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If you are a dog lover and a responsible owner that loves the “dog” lifestyle, you might enjoy all perks that come from being a dog breeder. You will meet like-minded people, visit dog shows, learn about genetics, and the best part - make many new families happy with their new puppies. There is nothing like providing a new furry family member to a family looking for a dog.

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