German Hound

The German Hound is a small-sized dog breed that originates in Germany where most of the breed specimens can be found even today. They are great hunting dogs with incredible hunting instincts. The German Hound failed to become popular all over the world, but in its native Germany, it is still highly praised as being one of the best hunting breeds out there.

With the change in the global pet ownership culture, the German Hound is also changing and evolving. It can be found more often as a lovely, active family pet than a working dog breeds serving its owner. They are loyal family pets that have plenty of energy for playing and all sorts of different activities.

German Hound


16-21 in (40-53 cm)

German Hound


35-40 lb (15-18 kg)

German Hound



German Hound

Life Expectancy:

10-12 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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The German Hound’s characteristics give these dogs an impression of an elegant, high-stationed, and strong medium-sized hunting dog breed. These dogs have incredibly strong tails.

Their head is clean and a bit elongated. Interestingly, the German Hounds have flesh-colored noses with slight pigmentation on the sides. They have round and usually dark eyes that give a friendly impression. Their ears are usually around 5,5 in (14 cm) long and 3,5 in (9 cm) broad. They are longer than they are tall and give an impression of a typical hunting hound.


German Hound has a dense and hard coat that requires regular brushing. Weekly brushing will be enough to keep this dog looking good. They will need only a few baths throughout the year. Occasional baths are only required if your dog rolls into something smelly or dirty.

Since they have droopy ears, you should regularly check them – they are prone to developing ear infections. If you notice that their ears and red or have a bad odor, that might be a sign that your dog has an ear infection.

German Hound coat color:

  • red to yellow with a black saddle or blanket and the white markings

German Hound temperament

The German Hound’s temperament is adaptable, and they are equally at home in the field, working as they are in a household, being a loyal family pet. These dogs are active and extremely loyal to their families. In fact, they have such a loyal temperament that they have a need to protect their family members at all times. It is a behavior trait that can become problematic if your German Hound is not properly trained and socialized.

They were specifically bred to have a great sense of smell, and they had to work independently, so don’t be too surprised if your German Hound pet displays some of these temperament traits. They can be stubborn at times and very vocal. Working dogs had to have a strong and loud bark so that they could let hunters know if they picked up an animal scent. They are also very vocal in the house, so teaching them to stop barking on command might be a good idea.


The German Hound is a natural hunter that was carefully bred to hunt by following a scent trail. These traits remain with them to this day, and they can be trained and polished so that you end up with the best possible working dog. If you are considering a German Hound for a family pet, make sure you start training them as soon as they arrive at your household.

These dogs can be stubborn and strong-willed at times, so prepare yourself with patience and consistency. Use only positive training methods, and you will see great results quickly.


All hunting breeds require proper socialization, and the German Hound is no different. Socialization doesn’t necessarily mean going to parks or busy places; it also means exposing your dog to different situations and scenarios at your home where they can learn to adapt and react properly.

With this breed, socialization should, however, involve going to busy parks and places where they can learn proper social rules and behaviors. They are protective by nature and need to learn that not all situations require protection and that not all strangers are dangerous.


German Hound is a healthy dog breed with a life expectancy of 10-12 years. To be sure that you will end up with the best possible dog regarding health, always buy him from responsible and official dog breeders. Because they regularly test their breeding dogs, you can be sure their puppies won’t have any inherited diseases.  Always ask to see the results of tests from the puppy’s parents.

German Hound breeders

When getting a dog, the most important thing is to get it from a responsible and reputable German Hound breeder. These dogs are energetic and protective, and getting a poorly bred dog can have catastrophic results. Responsible breeders will breed dogs that don’t only look good but have great characters as well. You must find a good German Hound breeder that can help you learn about this breed and make an informed choice about getting a dog with these characteristics. 

If you are unsure whether this is the breed for you, check out this FREE GUIDE that will help you decide which dog breed is right for you.

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Updated at02.08.2023.