Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Austrian Black and Tan Hound is a medium-sized well-musculed dog that originates from Austria. These dogs were used for hunting small game – foxes and rabbits. They are excellent working dogs with great stamina and energy. Austrian Black and Tan Hound can be tricky to train especially for first-time dog owners so if you are interested in getting one of these dogs and you don't have much experience with dog training we advise you to seek professional help.

Since they are high-energy dogs you must provide them with daily exercise for them to be happy and healthy. If their physical need are met you can be sure that they won't develop behavior problems.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound


19-22 in (48-56 cm)

Austrian Black and Tan Hound


33–49 lb (15–22 kg)

Austrian Black and Tan Hound



Austrian Black and Tan Hound

Life Expectancy:

12-14 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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General Health


Austrian Black and Tan Hound have a short and glossy coat that doest require much care. Weekly brushing is more than enough to keep the dog looking good. These dogs are known for drooling a lot.

The rest is basic care. Like any other dog Austrian Black and Tan Hound will also require regular teeth cleaning and bathing. Weekly check their ears for any sign of infection or bad odor which can indicate an infection. Since they have droopy ears there is a higher possibility that these dogs will develop ear infections. Their nails need to be trimmed if you hear them clicking on the floor.


Austrian Black and Tan Hound dogs are very active and they will enjoy all fun daily activities. You can take them on long walks, play with them in the house or throw them ball outside – whatever you choose your dog will enjoy and be happy. If their daily physical needs are met you will have the most lovable dog with whom you will not have any problems.


Austrian Black and Tan Hound were bred for hunting, and because of that, they will need proper training if you want your dog to develop into a well-behaved dog. Also, their high prey drive can be a problem that you will need to take care of. 

When training an Austrian Black and Tan Hound, make sure you use positive training methods. Never use fear, punishment, or pain because not only is it cruel, it can result in an overly shy or even aggressive dog. Be firm, fair, and consistent, but use only positive reinforcement!


To ensure that you end up with the best possible dog, early socialization is a must. Start socializing your Austrian Black and Tan Hound as soon as you bring him home. With proper socialization, you will ensure that your dog doesn't become shy or aggressive. Expose your Austrian Black and Tan Hound to many different dogs, people, sight, and sounds and that will teach him how to properly react in many different situations.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound and kids

Austrian Black and Tan Hound is not a great choice if you have small kids in your household. They are best suited for older kids who knows how to properly play and interact with the dog. If they are properly introduced from an early age your dog and kids will get along, and the kids will have excellent playing partners. However, you should never leave Austrian Black and Tan Hound alone while they are playing with kids so you can be sure that any unwanted behavior wouldn’t emerge.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound and other animals

Austrian Black and Tan Hound are not always a great fit for living with other dogs. They will in most cases get along with other dogs, but you can expect that your dog will not be friendly with everybody. Here is where proper socialization will take its part. With correct socialization, your dog can learn how to behave with other dogs.

They are not suited for living with other smaller animals because of their high prey drive they will immediately chase all smaller animals.

Health problems

Every dog can develop some health problems and Austrian Black and Tan Hound also can suffer from some conditions. To be sure that you will end up with the dog with the best possible health, always buy Austrian Black and Tan Hound from a responsible dog breeder. Responsible breeders will regularly check their breeding dogs to ensure that their puppies will be without inherited diseases.

Austrian Black and Tan Hound can suffer from:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Ear infections

Austrian Black and Tan Hound breeders

Austrian Black and Tan Hounds are not so popular dogs around the world so you must be prepared that you will have to wait for your puppy if you decided that this is the best dog for you. You can mostly find these dogs in their native land- Austria. While searching for breeders always find the good ones and if you do so you don’t have to worry that your dog will end up with inherited diseases. While talking to breeders always ask them to show you the health certificates of their dogs.

Since this is an active dog you will have to provide them with a lot of activities. If you are not a very active person we advise you to search for different less active dog breeds. That way you won’t end up with a dog who will be unhappy because his physical needs are not meet.

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