7 Effective Ways How to Calm Down a Hyper Dog

7 Effective Ways How to Calm Down a Hyper Dog

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One of the most pronounced dog behavior issues is hyperactivity. If you found yourself in this situation, you probably know that stopping this behavior can be challenging and complex. In most cases, owners should get educated to change this dog's behavior, and the dog should have more daily activities and interactions. So if you ever wondered "how to calm down a hyper dog?" stay with us and find out.

Why is my dog so hyper?

There are many different factors why your dog could be so hyper. Besides dog breed, socialization, and lack of physical exercise, your dog could experience separation anxiety or even fear of different factors such as fireworks and thunderstorms. Most of these "problems" can be solved if you have time and if you are willing to put in an effort.

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How to calm a hyper dog?

We had many reports of hyperactive dogs. Desperate owners asked us for advice on this topic. In collaboration with our dog coach, we gathered some tips to help calm a hyper dog. Most dog breeds were bred for a specific purpose; in many cases, that purpose was to work. They are intelligent creatures and if you follow this steps, your dog could find a way to spend most of his energy, and his hyperactivity levels will decrease.

1. Your dog needs a job

Most purebred dog breeds were bred for working purposes. If you give your dog a job to do, you could direct their hyperactivity into something useful. The main goal is to redirect dogs' energy into something else. You could also sign your dog into a sport that will allow the dog to spend energy.

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Our specialist for dog training said:

Sometimes, the simple job can occupy a dog and help him spend excess energy.

2. Mental exercise

Mental exercise refers to occupying a dog's mind. You can play many games with your dog to encourage the dog's brain to solve problems. Many puzzles, games, obstacle courses, or hide and seek games will trigger your dog's mind and help the dog be less hyperactive.

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3. Physical exercise

Just like humans, dogs also need a healthy amount of daily exercise to spend energy. Of course, here is where dog breed plays a big part. You can't expect your Maltese to have the same amount of physical exercise as Border Collie. According to the dog breed, you should allow a decent amount of activity for your dog, so he can spend his energy and be calm.

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If most cases, this is the main tip that works for many people.

Our trainer said:

Due to many daily obligations, people often forget about the dog's needs and the amount of exercise they need, resulting in accumulated energy that the dog cannot spend, thus creating a hyperactive dog.

If you own a smaller dog breed, daily walks can also trick and calm your dog.

4. Ignore hyper behavior

If you don't interact with your dog, your dog will try many different ways to get your attention. If your dog gets too hyper and you pay too much attention to the dog, you can reinforce that problem you are trying to solve. Next time you catch your dog in hyperactive mode, try calmly saying to your dog to calm down and walk away. You will be surprised by how effective this trick is.

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5. Start using a dog nose

Dog nose can pick up scents that humans can't. They rely on their scent abilities for many purposes. If your dog is hyperactive, try playing games with your dog to activate their nose. You can hide their favorite treats or toys, and your dog can search for them. When your dog finds a hidden object, always reward your dog.

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6. Calm yourself

Dogs will look at you as a pack leader, and with that, they will gather your energy. If you are stressing over many things or you are always in a hurry, your dog can also start to exhibit that behavior. If you are a hyper person, a possible reason why your dog is also hyperactive could be your behavior.

7. Health check

For most dogs, physical and mental activity will do the trick. However, there could be an underlying health problem that is causing your dog to be hyperactive. If you have tried everything and your dog is still hyperactive, you should run a health test with your vet to ensure there is no medical condition.

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Dogs can be hyper for many different reasons, and if your dog is one of them, you could take steps to reduce hyperactivity. For most dogs, mental and physical exercise will do the trick, and your dog will not experience hyperactivity anymore.

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