Should You Allow Your Dog to Eat Whipped Cream

Should You Allow Your Dog to Eat Whipped Cream

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Have you ever seen a video of a dog “drinking” a puppuccino from Starbucks? It is completely adorable, and dogs seem to enjoy themselves thoroughly. However, did you know that puppuccino is just a small cup of whipped cream? It is not surprising that dogs love to eat the delicious sweet cup of whipped cream, but should they? Many dog owners wonder, “Can dogs eat whipped cream?” Perhaps a better question would be should you allow it. Here is what you should know about dogs eating whipped cream.

What is exactly whipped cream?

Before we go into whether you should allow your dog to eat whipped cream, we need to understand what it actually is. Like the name says, whipped cream is basically cream with added flavors like vanilla and sugar. The cream ways “whipped” into the fluffy deliciousness we know and love.

Cream is a dairy product, and some dogs cannot handle dairy. However, even store-bought whipped cream should not contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs. The ingredient list can be slightly different from brand to brand, but they all should contain pet-safe ingredients.


Is whipped cream safe for dogs?

The first question dog owners should know the answer to is, “Is whipped cream safe for dogs?” However, the correct answer to that question will entirely depend on each dog individually. Generally, adult dogs don’t have the enzyme that is needed to break down and digest dairy. Some dogs handle dairy with ease, and some are completely lactose intolerant.

If your dog handles dairy, whipped cream should be safe for them. However, if they are lactose intolerant, you should avoid giving them whipped cream or any kind of fairy. Doing the opposite will result in diarrhea, excessive flatulence, and perhaps even vomiting.

What does that mean?

That means that, unfortunately, you cannot know how your dog handles dairy unless you try giving them dairy products. That is simply a risk you will have to take. If you are adamant about giving your dog whipped cream, our advice is to give your dog only a small amount and see how they react. Don’t focus on the immediate reaction. Wait for at least 12 hours, and only then will you know what to expect.

Is whipped cream good for dogs?

Whipped cream will not provide significant nutritional benefits to your dog. The only thing it will do is satisfy your dog’s “need” for whipped cream. Of course, dogs don’t actually need or require dairy after they start eating solid food, so giving them some doesn’t really make sense.

Another product dog owners might consider giving their dog is milk. Here is what you should know about giving milk to your dog - Is milk good for dogs?

Is it bad for dogs?

Occasionally giving your dog whipped cream or puppuccino will probably not cause any health issues, of course, if your dog isn’t lactose intolerant. The key thing to remember is portion control. Treat whipped cream as a rare dog treat for your dog. Do not give them whipped cream too often because it will cause long-term health issues.

strawberries and whipped cream

One of the main problems regarding regularly giving whipped cream to your dog is the weight gain that will undoubtedly follow. Your dog will gain weight, and canine obesity is a growing problem in the US. Not only will your dog have reduced physical capabilities, but the risk of coronary diseases is significantly higher.

Should you give your dog whipped cream?

We do not see any good reason to give your dog whipped cream. You will not enrich their diet, nor will your dog profit from it in any way. Occasional puppuccino might be safe for your dog if they are not lactose intolerant. If your dog seems to thoroughly enjoy it, you can give some to them, but make sure you control the amount they consume. It is unnecessary for their diet, so you should give whipped cream to your dog on special occasions that shouldn’t be more often than once a month.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you decide to try something new in your dog’s diet, it would be best to talk to our vet and ask their permission and advice. Your vet knows your dog’s medical history and might give you the best possible advice regarding giving your dog whipped cream.

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