Can Dogs Eat Tortillas & Are They Safe For Them?

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas & Are They Safe For Them?

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Tortillas are one of the most popular food in the US. You don't have to be Mexican to enjoy this delicious dish. If you ever eat tortillas near your dog, you have probably seen your dog waiting to get some of your food. Maybe you stopped and asked yourself: "Can dogs eat tortillas?" Are they safe for them, or will they cause some health problems? Stay with us and find out.

Can dogs eat tortillas?

The simplest answer is – yes, dogs can eat tortillas. You should rather ask yourself: should dogs eat tortillas? That is entirely different. If you care about your dog, you shouldn't allow your dog to eat tortillas. Although they are not toxic for dogs, they contain nutrients that can cause many health problems for your dog. 

If you are determined about giving tortillas to your dog, make sure you only allow them to eat a small amount and never overfeed your dog.

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Are tortillas bad for dogs?

Tortillas have a minimal nutritional value, which is not the best option for your dog. Dogs have very sensitive digestive systems, and if you allow your dog to eat a lot of tortillas, you can expect him to have digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Since tortillas are processed food, they can contain many unhealthy ingredients that can cause all sorts of trouble for your dog.


If you feed your dog with tortillas, your dog can end up with:

  • Obesity – is a significant health concern in dogs. If you give your dog tortillas, your dog could quickly become overweight.
  • Diabetes – tortillas are packed with sugars, and lots of sugar can cause diabetes in your dog. This is another serious health problem.
  • Heart diseases – many calories, salt, and fatty acids in tortillas can cause heart diseases in dogs, especially older dogs.
  • Upset stomach – if tortillas have different toppings, dogs can have an upset stomach. Most of the toppings used in tortillas are not safe for dogs.
  • Allergies – artificial preservatives can cause different GI problems, itchy skin, and dog infections.
  • Dehydration – high level of sodium can cause dehydration.

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Types of tortillas for dogs

As you may know, there are many different tortilla types on the market, and the most famous ones are corn and flour tortillas.

Can dogs eat corn tortillas?

Dogs can eat corn tortillas but in moderation. Since corn is suitable for dogs, it will not cause toxicity for your dog. However, as we already said, corn tortillas will not provide nutritional benefits for your dog, so it doesn't have much sense that you feed them with these tortillas. 

Can dogs eat flour tortillas?

Flour tortillas are not bad for dogs; dogs can eat them, but the same rule applies. If you want to give your dog a flour tortilla, you should only give him a small piece. Also, you must ensure that with tortillas, you don't give your dog some dressing or fillings such as onions, garlic, etc., since they are dangerous for your dog.


What would happen if my dog ate a lot of tortillas?

First, you must be calm if you catch your dog eating a lot of tortillas. If tortillas didn't contain toppings, your dog will be alright in most cases. However, you should always contact your vet and tell him what happened. Your vet will give you the best advice.

If your dog ate a lot of tortillas with many different toppings and fillings, you should take your dog to the nearest vet clinic as soon as possible.

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Although tortillas are not toxic for dogs, it is not advised that you feed your dog with them. In the small amount, they will do no harm to your dog, but since they don't offer any particular nutritional benefit, there is no reason why you should give them to your dog. There are many different and better options to "spice up" your dog's diet if you want to make the dog happy.

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