VET CORNER - Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate

VET CORNER - Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate

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Pomegranate juice is becoming more and more available in grocery stores, and pomegranate seeds make a fantastic garnish. We love pomegranate; it is delicious and nutritious. Since we have dogs, we cannot help but see how they look at us whenever we decide to have a snack. So naturally, we wondered, “Can dogs eat pomegranate?” The shortest possible answer would be - maybe. Here is what you need to know about pomegranates and dogs.

Is pomegranate safe for dogs?

Whole raw pomegranates are not safe for dogs. Technically, your dog will not suffer fatal consequences if they grab ahold of one of this delicious fruit. Still, some parts of it will cause intestinal issues. Pomegranate extracts can be a great addition to your dog’s diet, but whole fruits should be avoided.

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Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds?

Pomegranate seeds are packed with tannins. While they might not be as toxic as some other fruit seeds, they should be generally avoided. They are pretty hard, and if your dog eats them, chances are they will scrape your dog’s intestines. Seeds contain ellagic and anthocyanin acids, which are most likely to upset your dog’s stomach. Your dog’s digestive system cannot properly digest and dissolve these acids, so the most likely outcome will be vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach ache. The good news is - pomegranate seeds are not fatal.

These seeds are absolutely packed with antioxidants. We wanted to know if our dogs can benefit from these antioxidants since the benefits of antioxidants are fairly known. There are safe ways to make sure your dog gets all the benefits and avoids all the risks. The safest way to give pomegranate to your dog is by extracting the juice.

Pomegranate extract for dogs

The safest and most beneficial way to include pomegranate into your dog’s diet is by including pomegranate extract in your dog’s meal. You can simply mix it with their usual kibble and have them have a go at it. Most dogs love the taste of the extract and will be pretty interested in it.

How to make pomegranate extract?

The safest way to make pomegranate extract is to put seeds and the pulp in a blender and blend it with a tiny bit of water. After you finished blending, take the blended mix and run it through a strainer. That will get rid of all the hard parts and leave you with a dog-safe pomegranate extract.

This extract will still contain vitamins and antioxidants, but you will get rid of hard seeds and pulp that can upset your dog’s stomach. Plus, the extract is easier on the dog’s stomach, so you will be avoiding potential intestinal issues as well.

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Health benefits of pomegranate for dogs

If you safely prepared pomegranate extract for your dog, you will be happy to hear there are plenty of benefits your dog will reap from consuming it. Pomegranate is packed with vitamins and other healthy nutrients, and these are the best ones;

  • Vitamin C - This is one of the most critical vitamins humans and dogs need. It is crucial for growing, repairing, and maintaining all body tissue. Plus, it boosts the immune system and helps with collagen formation and iron absorption.
  • Fiber - Pomegranate is packed with dietary fiber. Like pumpkin, you can give your dog pomegranate extract if they are experiencing digestive issues. Dietary fiber will add bulk to their stool and soak up excess moisture.
  • Antioxidants - This fruit is absolutely packed with antioxidants. They protect the dog’s body from free radicals, which are highly cancerogenic. If you safely prepare pomegranate extract, your dog will get a massive dose of antioxidants that will help protect their body.

In conclusion

Dogs can have pomegranate, but only if you prepare it correctly. Avoid giving your dog raw pomegranate; pomegranate extract is a lot better and safer option. Its seeds are hard and can cause an upset stomach. Like any other food, make sure you control how much your dog eats and keep the amounts safe and controlled.

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