Can Dogs Safely Eat Pinto Beans? Here's How to Serve Them

Can Dogs Safely Eat Pinto Beans? Here's How to Serve Them

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Like humans, dogs can enjoy different things in their diet. Dogs will enjoy a varied diet, and one of the things many dog owners want to give their dogs is pinto beans. Before they give them some, they need to know the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat pinto beans?” Here’s what canine nutritionists might want you to know.

What are pinto beans?

One of the things you should know before you freely feed pinto beans to your dog is what they actually are. Pinto beans are similar to the rest of the beans. The main difference is the texture and color. One of the significant advantages of pinto beans is that they are a lot creamier and softer when cooked.

Are they safe for dogs?

The shortest possible answer to the question, “Are pinto beans safe for dogs?” is - yes. Not only are they safe for dogs to eat, but they are also very beneficial and healthy. Like other beans, pinto beans are packed with healthy nutrients. They are especially beneficial for dogs that might need to lose a couple of pounds. They can be used as a replacement for a part of the dog’s usual kibble. Pinto beans will make the dog feel full, but will give them fewer calories.

Benefits of pinto beans for dogs

Including something new in your dog’s diet without the new food being beneficial for your dog makes no sense. Luckily, pinto beans can offer plenty of health benefits to your dog. We already mentioned they are packed with nutrients, but here are some concrete benefits your dog might get from eating pinto beans;


Pinto beans are packed with antioxidants. If your dog eats pinto beans, these antioxidants will help fight free cancer-causing radicals.

Prevent cardiovascular diseases

Pinto beans have a special effect on the dog’s body - they can lower its cholesterol levels. That means the dog’s cardiovascular system will be healthier, and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

Energy source

Pinto beans are a great energy source for dogs. They contain more protein and carbs than other grains, which means more energy for your dog.

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Boost digestion

These beans pack a lot of fiber, and fiber is crucial for healthy digestion. There are two types of fiber - soluble and insoluble, and pinto beans contain both. That means pinto beans can help dogs that are constipated and dogs that have diarrhea. If the dog’s healthy, fiber will make sure digestion keeps running smoothly.

Cognitive boost

Pinto beans can be good for your dog’s brain. These beans pack a lot of nutrients like folates and choline, which can improve the dog’s cognitive functions.

Can pinto beans be bad for dogs?

Generally speaking, pinto beans should not be bad for dogs if you feed the recommended amount. Overeating on anything can become bad; even your dog’s usual kibble can lead to things like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, or joint problems if you give too much of it to your dog. Here are some of the potential issues of overfeeding your dog on pinto beans;

Cramps and constipation

While dietary fiber can aid digestion, it can also slow it down, especially if the dog doesn’t drink enough water after eating pinto beans. This is the first reason why you shouldn’t overfeed your dog on pinto beans.


The second reason to be careful around pinto beans is the number of calories. They are healthier than other foods you might want to give to your dog, but pinto beans still pack a lot of them. Too many beans can lead to weight gain, so make sure you control your dog’s portions.


One of the things that go hand in hand with eating any type of beans is excessive gas. The same is true for your dog. They can quickly start producing a lot of gas, so keep the portions small, and don’t give pinto beans too often.

How to give pinto beans to your dog?

The best and easiest way to include pinto beans in your dog’s diet is by cooking them and mixing them with the dog’s usual kibble. You have to make sure beans are thoroughly cooked because fresh beans contain phytohaemagglutinin, which is toxic in large amounts. Never add any spices while cooking beans. Dogs can’t handle them, and they might cause gastrointestinal upset. It would be best to mash the beans before you mix them with the dog’s kibble. They will be easier to digest.

How much pinto beans can dogs eat?

The exact amount will depend on your dog’s size. Naturally, larger dogs can eat more than smaller dogs. However, if you’re including something new in your dog’s diet, you should stick to the golden rule. The golden rule says that the new ingredient should never pass 10% of the dog’s daily food intake. Just to be safe, stick to 5%. That is enough for dogs to reap the benefits, but you won’t cause them any harm or overfeed them on a single ingredient.

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