Papaya & Dogs - Is It a Good Combination

Papaya & Dogs - Is It a Good Combination

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There are different tropical fruits we love to eat, and among them is the delicious papaya. Since the summer is just around the corner, chances are you have some papaya at home. As a dog owner, you probably noticed how your dog looks at you while you eat. Before you decide to share some papaya with your dog, make sure you know the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat papaya?” Here is what you should know.

Can dogs eat papaya?

There is some good news about dogs and papaya - YES, dogs can eat papaya. In fact, not only is papaya safe for dogs to eat, but it is also very beneficial to your pooch. However, before you decide to share some with your dog, there are some guidelines you should know and follow. More precisely, you should keep an eye on two things;


All fruits and veggies can potentially cause allergic reactions in dogs, so before you freely give your dog papaya, make a test run. Give your dog only a small piece of this tropical fruit and see how they react. Don’t be hasty and decide that after 15 minutes your dog is fine. Give it at least a day. Allergy symptoms can be sneaky and develop a couple of hours after your dog ate some papaya.

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Portion control

Like with any other food you might want to give to your dog, make sure you control the amount your dog eats. If given too much, papaya can cause some digestive issues. Dogs that ate too much papaya might experience

You must control your dog’s portions and make sure they don’t eat too much papaya. If you notice any signs your dog is not doing so well, make sure you quit giving your dog papaya.

Is papaya good for dogs?

If given in safe amounts, papaya can be very good and beneficial to dogs. It is packed with healthy nutrients, and most dogs that try it absolutely love the taste. Besides the taste enjoyment, here are some of the best things papaya can offer our dogs;

  • Vitamin A - This vitamin is naturally present in many foods. It helps the dog’s heart, lungs, and kidneys work properly. It also boosts the dog’s immune system and helps with the proper functioning of the reproductive system and vision.
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a vital vitamin that plays a part in different body processes. It boosts the dog’s immune system, helps with collagen formation and iron absorption. It is vital for growth, repairing, and maintaining body tissue.
  • Vitamin K - This is a vital vitamin many dog owners don’t know much about. It is crucial for blood clotting, and it helps the dog’s body produces enzymes that help the body heal.
  • Potassium - Potassium is a crucial mineral the dog’s body needs. It helps regulate muscle contractions, fluid balance, and nerve signals and responses.
  • Calcium - Calcium is another crucial mineral, and it is mainly associated with developing and maintaining strong bones. However, calcium helps the heart, nerves, and muscles work correctly.
  • Fiber - Papaya is packed with dietary fiber. Fiber is crucial for healthy digestion, and it can help restore digestive balance to dogs with diarrhea and constipated dogs.

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How to safely give papaya to dogs?

Like with most other fruits and veggies, there are parts of the papaya your dog might have a hard time digesting. If you want to safely give your dog papaya, you should know which parts dogs can and which parts they can not eat. You should avoid giving your dog papaya skin. It is tough and really hard to digest. If your dog eats a lot of this fruit’s skin, they might become constipated.

The second thing to avoid is the seeds. Mind you, papaya seeds are digestible, but they contain tiny bits of cyanide, which is very toxic. It would be best to avoid giving them to your dog.

The only safe part of papaya you should give to your dog is the “meaty” part inside. Again, we have to make sure you understand that portion control is the most crucial part. Give your dog papaya rarely, and treat them like a rare dog treat your dog really appreciates it. It has a high sugar content, so if your dog is diabetic, you should avoid giving them papaya.

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