Can I Give Mint to My Dog

Can I Give Mint to My Dog

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Dogs can eat mint. In fact, it is commonly used in dental chews to freshen up your dog’s breath. However, not all kinds of mint are entirely safe for dogs. Before you decide to give some mint to your dog, make sure it is the safe kind. Here’s what you should know about giving mint to your dog.

Is mint safe for dogs?

As we said, some kinds of mint are entirely safe for dogs, but some should be avoided. Like with anything else you want to include in your dog’s diet, the key is portion control. You shouldn’t allow your dog to graze mint and eat as much as they want. If you’re going to give mint to your dog, make sure it is only a couple of leaves a day.

One of the best things about mint is that it helps with your dog’s digestion. When consumed in safe amounts, mint can soothe your dog’s upset stomach and help restore balance to the upset stomach.

What kind of mint is unsafe for dogs?

Only one kind of mint is toxic to dogs - English pennyroyal. This plant can grow all over areas that have a milder climate. It cannot survive in the coldest climates. You should never allow your dog to eat this kind of mint.

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Word of caution about mint for dogs

If your dog somehow gets their paws on a lot of mint, you should call your vet immediately and follow their instructions. The good news is - your dog will probably survive eating a lot of mint. However, you are in for a cleanup. Your dog will most likely experience an upset stomach, which means diarrhea and vomiting.

Serving ideas

One thing we need to highlight - never give your dog mint gum or mint breath fresheners. Mint might be safe for dogs, but these things can contain things like xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs. Here are some of the best ways to include mint in your dog’s diet;

  • Mix a few leaves in your dog’s usual meal.
  • Include mint leaves in homemade dog treats, like pumpkin or peanut butter
  • Mix with plain yogurt and freeze

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