Can Dogs Safely Eat Lobster

Can Dogs Safely Eat Lobster

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If you ever wondered, “Can dogs eat lobster?” you’ll be glad to hear the answer is - yes. Not only is lobster delicious, but it can also offer some health benefits to our dogs. However, like with anything else in our dog’s life, there are a few things dog owners should know about feeding lobster to their dogs.

Is lobster safe for dogs?

Yes, lobster is safe for dogs to eat under one circumstance - it has to be properly prepared. Crustaceans can contain different parasites, and giving raw lobster to your dog means risking their health. Intestinal parasites many lobsters contain can cause all sorts of problems for your dog (and yourself), so you have to make sure they are properly cooked before you give them to your dog.

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Are lobsters good for dogs?

Lobsters are actually great for dogs because they contain nutrients your dog needs to remain healthy. Lobster meat contains plenty of protein that will help your dog build and repair all body tissue. Another great thing lobsters contain is omega-3 fatty acids, which can do wonders for your dog’s skin and coat. Here are the best nutrients you can find in lobster meat;

  • Protein
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium

Can dogs eat all parts of the lobster?

If you properly cooked and prepared the lobster, your dog can eat all the meaty parts. Avoid giving your dog lobster that still has its shell on because the shell can cause some internal problems for your dog. It is pretty hard, so there is a possibility your dog can hurt their gums and parts of their gastrointestinal tract.

Word of caution

We love eating lobster with all sorts of spices and oil. However, things like garlic and too much salt are not safe for dogs. Garlic is highly toxic, and dogs have delicate sodium levels, so salty foods will not do them any good.

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Like humans, some dogs can be allergic to shellfish. Before you give your dog some lobster, make sure you talked to your vet. Start by giving your dog only a tiny piece and see how they react. If you notice allergy symptoms like hiving, redness, swelling, coughing, or itchiness, stop giving lobster to your dog immediately.

Serving ideas

If you’re careful about how you give lobster to your dog, your dog can safely enjoy this delicious treat. The best way to prepare it for your dog is by thoroughly cooking the lobster. Avoid using spices and allow your dog to enjoy the pure taste of this meal. You can mix the lobster meat in your dog’s usual kibble or simply give it to them in pieces as a treat.

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