Can You Share Hamburger With Your Dog?

Can You Share Hamburger With Your Dog?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jan 14 2023


Whether you are throwing a cookout party for your friends or just want to enjoy a good hamburger alone, you can be sure that your dog will be there to watch you and try to get a small piece of your food.

Normally, we would always suggest not to share food scrapes from your table with your dog because this food will not bring anything beneficial for him, and on the contrary, it could only bring health problems. If your dog doesn't keep his eyes off you while you are eating a delicious burger, you might wonder: "Can dogs eat hamburgers?"

Can dogs eat hamburgers?

Every one of us likes our burgers with different ingredients. Whether or not you should share a hamburger with your dog mostly depends on the type of meat and the ingredients you put in the hamburger.

Our general advice would be not to share hamburgers with your dog, but if you just can't resist your dog's begging, you can share some parts but only on certain conditions.


Can dogs eat hamburger meat?

Hamburger meat is the only thing we would advise you to share with your dog, but also, this meat must be plain. That means that you should prepare meat for your dog separately and not use any additional spices or seasoning because they will, in most cases, be toxic for dogs.

If you want to share hamburger meat with your dog, make sure it is ground beef, turkey, or pork. These types of meat have a healthy amount of proteins that dogs could benefit from, and this meat will be good for them.

hamburger meat

WORLD DOG FINDER TIP: The safest and best way to offer your dog this meat is to fully cook it until the meat is no longer pink. Your dog will enjoy it, and you can be sure that no health problems will bother him.

Can I share a raw hamburger patty with my dog?

You should not share raw hamburger patty with your dog since this meat contains harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli that can cause many different health issues for your dog. Make sure that the meat you are planning to give to your dog is fully prepared, so your dog will not experience any problems.

What to do if my dog managed to sneak a raw hamburger patty?

If you notice that your dog has eaten a raw hamburger patty, you must first find out how much your dog ate. Make sure to call your vet and tell him what happen. Depending on the amount of raw patty that your dog has eaten, your vet will instruct you on your next moves.

In most cases, your dog should be fine if he only managed to eat a small piece, but you should watch for symptoms that indicate something is bothering him.


When sharing a hamburger with your dog is not a good idea?

The biggest problem with hamburgers are ingredients, spices, and seasoning we like to put in. All these things are dangerous and, in most cases, toxic for dogs, so if your dog manages to eat hamburgers that contain any of these things, you should be alerted, and you can expect him to show some symptoms of health problems.

Ingredients that are bad for dogs are

  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Hot peppers
  • Different seasoning

When to contact your vet?

You should be alerted and contact your vet whenever you notice strange behavior in your dog after he managed to eat something he shouldn't. All dogs are different, and while some could be fine if they eat a small piece of human food, others can exhibit different symptoms.

To be completely sure, make a phone call to your vet and tell him what happened. That way, you can be sure that you will be there to help your dog in case of need.

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