Vet Tips: Can Dogs Safely Eat Guava

Vet Tips: Can Dogs Safely Eat Guava

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There are different fruits and veggies dogs seem to enjoy and can safely eat. If you love guava, you probably wondered, “Can dogs eat guava?” Most of us want to give our dogs something they’ll enjoy, but we need to make sure it’s safe before we do that. If you’re going to share some guava with your dog, you should know that dogs can indeed eat guava. However, don’t give them as much as they want. Here’s what you should know about giving your dog guava.

Is guava safe for dogs?

The first question is the one regarding the fruit’s safety. The correct answer is - yes, guava is safe for dogs to eat. However, like with any other fruit and veggie you want to give your dog, you should exercise portion control. Never overfeed your dog on anything, even on their own food. Dogs need a balanced diet, and giving them too many things that are not necessary for their diet is not healthy. However, giving them a small piece of guava every now and then is safe.

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Is guava beneficial?

Guava contains many nutrients that are beneficial for dogs and humans. If you eat it regularly, you can be sure there are some health benefits you will get. However, dogs should eat a lot of it to get the same effect. The main problem is that too much of it can be bad, so dogs can never feel the full benefits. Some of the best things in guava are;

  • Vitamins A, C, K, B, and E
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium

Small amounts of guava can benefit the dog’s immune and cardiovascular systems. It will also keep their teeth, coat, and bones healthy. However, those effects can be achieved by feeding them healthy, high-quality dog food.

What kind of guava is safe for dogs?

If you love this fruit, you probably already know there are different types of guava. The most common one is apple guava. There are red, white, pineapple, and Thai guava. All kinds are commonly found in shops and are safe for dogs to eat. However, all of them should be given in moderation.

How about guava paste?

If you love Cuban, Caribbean, or South American cuisine, you probably know how delicious guava paste is. The main reason for that is that it’s absolutely packed with sugars. It is included in many recipes, and you might wonder if it’s safe for dogs to eat. Unfortunately, guava paste is not safe for dogs to eat. That is simply too much sugar for them, and you should never give your dog foods that contain that amount of sugar.


Can guava be bad for dogs?

Fruits, in general, are good for our dogs and us, but too much of them can be harmful. The same goes for giving guava to your dog. If your dog eats too much guava, they will most likely get some sort of a bad reaction. The most common issue affects their digestion. Dogs will get diarrhea, vomit, and experience loss of appetite. Dogs can get cramps and get bloated if they overeat this delicious fruit. Another possible issue is allergies.

Can dogs be allergic to guava?

Unfortunately, dogs can be allergic to guava. If you want to give your dog some of this fruit, you should give them only a tiny bit the first time. See their reaction and make sure your dog is not allergic to guava. If you notice swelling, redness, hives, coughing, or itching, stop giving them this fruit immediately. Call your vet and ask for their advice.

How to safely give guava to dogs?

If you are absolutely adamant about giving your dog guava, make sure you give them a tiny bit first. Wait a couple of hours and make sure they are not allergic. If everything goes well, you can give them a bit more. Make sure you take of the fruit’s rind, pith, and seeds. Wash it before you give it to your dog, and only give them small amounts. You can do that 2 - 3 times a week if your dog won’t have any issues.

VET TIP: Before you decide to include something new in your dog’s diet - call your vet. Make sure they give you the green light. Plus, your vet might know your dog’s dietary restrictions.

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