Can Dogs Eat Butter

Can Dogs Eat Butter

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If you are a dog owner, you already know your dog will gladly eat whatever you are currently eating. They don’t really care whether something is healthy; they just want a bite of your food. One of the most common things we all have at home is butter, and many dog owners wonder, “Can dogs eat butter?” The best answer would be - yes, but they shouldn’t. Here’s what you should know.

Is butter bad for dogs?

Butter will not poison your dog, especially if they simply grab a tiny bite when you’re not looking. Butter can be dangerous if your dog somehow got into the whole package and ate a lot of it. In that case, you can expect specific health issues that will most likely bother them. The most common problems dog experience after eating a lot of butter are stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, and irregular bowel movement.

Another reason why you shouldn’t really give your dog butter is - it simply doesn’t offer any benefits. Dogs that eat butter will not benefit from it. It doesn’t contain vitamins, minerals, or other things that can be good for your dog’s body.

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Why is butter bad for dogs?

Butter is made from milk, and the first reason butter is bad for dogs is that some dogs are lactose intolerant. Dogs that cannot digest lactose will have gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and excessive gas. Lactose intolerance in dogs is similar to lactose intolerance in humans. You should avoid butter and other dairy products if your dog cannot handle lactose.

The second reason butter is bad for dogs is saturated fats. Some fats are good for dogs, but the type found in butter is unhealthy. In fact, humans should avoid eating a lot of butter as well. Butter might be delicious, but it is 80% fat, which can be really unsafe and unhealthy for our dogs. If your dog eats a lot of fat, the most likely outcome will be pancreatitis and obesity.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before giving a new food to your dog, make sure you talk to your vet. They know your dog and can give you great advice regarding your dog’s diet.

How to feed butter to dogs safely?

If your dog cannot live without butter, and you are absolutely adamant about giving it to them, there are a few things you should know. First, we strongly advise you against giving butter to your dog. It simply has no benefits, and it comes with a lot of downsides.

The second thing you need to know is - don’t give your dog butter too often. Dog’s bodies cannot handle a lot of saturated fats, and the chances of developing painful pancreatitis are more significant if your dog eats loads of it. However, a tiny bit of butter every now and then will probably not hurt your dog. If they seem to enjoy the taste, you can give them a lick or two of the butter.

SAFETY TIP: Butter is not healthy for dogs, and you should avoid giving your dog things that were prepared with it. That includes meat and pastries made with loads of butter. They are tastier, but they are also very unhealthy.

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