Should You Pick Trifexis Chewables

Should You Pick Trifexis Chewables

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Keeping our dogs safe from different parasites is one of the most important jobs we, as dog owners, have. Sometimes, dogs don’t respond well to topical preventatives like collars of Frontline. In that case, your vet might advise or prescribe an oral flea medication that will prevent fleas from infesting your dog or kill ones that are already infecting them. One of these medications is called Trifexis. If your vet prescribed Trifexis for dogs, here’s what you should know about it.

What is Trifexis?

Trifexis for dogs is an oral flea medication that uses spinosad and milbemycin oxime as its infective ingredients. Unlike other oral flea medications, Trifexis is effective against heartworm and other internal parasites that can infect your dog. This medication is usually prescribed for dogs that are at risk of being infected.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Trifexis is a prescription medication, and only a licensed vet can prescribe it. That also means you shouldn’t give Trifexis to your dog without consulting your vet.

Is Trifexis safe for my dog?

One of the first questions about this medication dog owners ask their vets is, “Is Trifexis safe for my dog?” A short internet search will tell you there was some controversy surrounding this drug. A few years ago, some dog owners claimed that Trifexis played a role in their dog’s passing. However, vets could not prove that Trifexis actually caused or played a role in the unfortunate faith that befell those poor dogs.

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There are certain things dog owners should be aware of if they are giving their dogs oral flea medications. These meds contain insecticides that can cause adverse reactions, especially the first time they are being administered. However, if your vet knows your dog’s condition and the limitations the drug company set in place to keep dogs healthy, your dog is probably going to be fine. Pregnant or nursing female dogs should avoid it, and puppies under 14 weeks will have some side effects, so it is best to avoid using it.

Trifexis side effects

Like any other oral flea medication, some side effects can be expected if your dog uses Trifexis. Keep in mind that your dog is taking insecticides that will not harm them, but they can cause a reaction. The most common Trifexis side effects are;

  • Lethargy
  • Panting
  • Breathing issues
  • Vomiting
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Loss of appetite

Just because side effects have been noted and documented doesn’t mean your dog will necessarily develop them.

Is it effective?

The second question dog owners want to know the answer to is, “Is it effective?” The manufacturer stated this medication is effective against fleas, heartworm, hookworms, ringworms, and whipworms. It is a tall order, and effectiveness is the key. The good news is - Trifexis is highly effective, especially against fleas. The drug will start killing fleas after only 30 minutes. In 4 hours, all fleas should be killed. If it is used as an internal parasite preventative, you should know that dogs taking Trifexis are completely protected.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you decide that Trifexis is the protection of choice for your dogs, you have to make sure they take it regularly. This drug will keep your dog protected for 30 days. After that, they should take another dose.

How is it given to dogs?

The Trifexis comes in the form of chewable tablets. Dogs usually have no problem taking it because they love the taste. It should be given to dogs once a month. Trifexis comes in differently-sized packages that have ready-to-use tablets. All you have to do is make sure you ordered the correct size. You can pick the medication up with a prescription in your local pet pharmacy or Chewy’s online pharmacy.

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