5 Main Reasons Why Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out

5 Main Reasons Why Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out

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Dogs are fascinating creatures, and often they will make us laugh, and we will look at them will eyes full of admiration. Since you are a dog lover, you most probably saw a dog with a hanging tongue. You do know how adorable and cute they can look at that moment.

Dogs' tongue is interesting and incredible at the same time since it does have a major purpose in their life. But why do dogs stick their tongue out? Is it because something is bothering them, or is it just a natural thing they will do? Let's check it.

Why do dogs stick their tongue out?

This is one of the dog's behaviors that can mean different things. If you notice your dog with a tongue out, in most cases, this will be a harmless behavior, but you must be careful because this could also indicate some underlying health issue that is bothering your dog.

Let's check the 6 main reasons why dogs could stick their tongue out

1. Panting

The first, most obvious, and a most common reason why you could notice a hanging tongue on the dog is because of the panting. As you already know, dogs don't sweat the same way as humans, and they will use their tongues and, by panting, they will try to cool themselves.

So, if you notice a hanging tongue on your dog during hot weather or after an exercise session, you have nothing to worry about since this will indicate that your dog is trying to cool himself. You must always provide fresh water and a place where your dog can cool off, especially during hot summer days.

Dehydration can happen very fast, and this is one of the serious health issues that can affect your dog if you are not careful enough.

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2. They are happy

Some dogs will hang their tongue out when they are completely relaxed and happy. If you notice this on your dog after a meal, during playtime, or even when your dog is next to you, you can be sure that this means he is happy.

happy corgi

3. Medication

There have been many reports of dogs starting to hang their tongue out after getting a new medication. This will be pretty easy to notice. If your dog hasn't shown this behavior before and after you gave him a new medication, he started to hang his tongue out; this is the main reason.

Usually, this is nothing concerning, but we advise you to contact your vet to clarify if this is the right type of medication for your dog.

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4. Under or overbite

Because of bad breeding, dogs could end up with a jaw misalignment. This serious problem can affect many aspects of a dog's life. Dog with a misalignment jaw will have problems with eating, breathing, barking, etc.

Also, these dogs could have a hanging tongue because they will feel much more comfortable that way. Under or overbites could cause a smaller space for the tongue, and because of that, dogs will let them hang out.

This problem is usually not treatable, and you must ensure that you provide your dog with proper care for him to carry on with his life.

dog with tongue out

5. Hanging tongue syndrome

Hanging tongue syndrome will usually happens in the brachycephalic dog breed, and it usually happens because of their genetics. The dog's tongue will hang out because their tongue is too big

They have abnormal jaw bone that doesn't offer enough support for the tongue.

In most cases, this will happen in irresponsible dog breeding and due to genetics. However, there could also be a situation where some dental problems could develop this syndrome.

If the dog lost some of his teeth or the teeth have rotted, there could be a space where the dog's tongue could slip and hang out. That said, oral hygiene is extremely important for dogs, although many owners usually don't take proper care of their teeth.

Dental problems in dogs are not as rare as you may think, and they could develop pretty easily, so it is your duty as a responsible dog owner to take proper care of them.

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What should I do if my dog's tongue is hanging out?

Depending on the main reason, there are a few steps you will have to take. If your dog's tongue is hanging out because of his panting, there is nothing you should do in this situation since when the dog cools himself. The panting will disappear along with the hanging tongue.

If the medication is causing a hanging tongue, you should contact your vet and ask for his advice and the possible chances of the medication being prescribed.

In the case of oral disease, we advise you to talk to your vet and determine the best way to treat the disease. Depending on your dog, his age, and the severity of the disease, the treatment can vary. It is best to start with treatment as soon as possible since dental problems could lead to many health issues that could seriously harm your dog.

golden-retriever with tongue out

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How to prevent hanging tongues in dogs?

You should always take care of your dog and not allow him to develop any health issue that could cause a hanging tongue. If your dog often pants, you should maybe adjust his exercise time and provide him with enough water and a place to cool down.

Oral hygiene is extremely important, and you must brush your dog's teeth at least once a week to prevent tartar build-up, red gums, and sometimes bad breath. That way, you can be sure that your dog will not develop teeth problems and that a hanging tongue will not appear.

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