Pet Cremation - What to Do When Our Dogs Leave Us

Pet Cremation - What to Do When Our Dogs Leave Us

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There is nothing worse than our beloved dogs leaving us. This is a part of dog ownership most of us fear and don’t want to think about. The sad truth is - our dogs cannot stay with us forever. As the famous American writer, Agnes Sligh Turnbull once said,

Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Dealing with the loss of a dog that was with us and who has our love is very hard. It is like losing a family member, and most of us dread that part of dog ownership. Sadly, death is a part of life, and in those moments, it is great to have a service that could help you get some closure. However, there are things to consider when picking pet cremation services. Here are some of the things you should think about.

1. Types of cremation

There are different types of dog or pet cremation you can decide on. Before you do that, make sure the facility you chose has those options available. Generally, there are three types;

  • Private - Your beloved companion will be placed in a private (separate) compartment inside the cremation chamber. This is the best way to ensure you receive only your pet’s ashes.
  • Witnessed - This option allows dog owners to witness the cremation process. While some of us don’t want to witness this act, some owners want to go through this process, which helps them with their grieving process.
  • Communal - The communal option is the option where you do not receive the dog’s ashes. Your dog is placed in a chamber with other departed pets.

2. Dog cremation cost

The price of these services will be determined by your location. The costs can be vastly different depending on the facility and services you are interested in. The average price of dog cremation is between $30 - $250. Different services will have different prices.

Another thing that will determine the cost of dog cremation is the size of the deceased dog. Larger dogs will take more space, and the process has to be longer. The problem with that is that larger dogs take more resources, and the price has to be higher. Like with most services, there are other fees you need to count on.

Dog cremation fees

Dog cremation services can offer different fees, and to get a clearer picture of your overall costs, you need to include them in your budget. We know that nobody wants to think about additional fees, so here are some that might come up.


The cremation service does not include transferring your dog from your home or vet clinic to the cremation location. Some vet clinics have deals with crematoriums, and the charge can be a bit lower. However, pet cremation services usually offer transportation, and they can charge you between $50 - $75.


You can view the cremation process, but most cremation places will charge you a viewing fee. Some owners want to do it because it will help them with the healing process.

Memorial markers

Many pet cremation places offer different types of memorial markers. You might want to consider what you’d like to do with your deceased friend. If you decide to bury them, you should get a memorial marker. You can choose granite, wooden, or traditional stone memorial marker. However, the price will change based on your decision.


Many of us choose to get the ashes of our pets. If that is something you are considering, you will need an urn. Crematoriums usually offer a wide variety of urns. They have urns with different specifications that will surely meet your needs.

Burial plots

Some dog owners don’t have a yard where they would bury their dogs or simply don’t want to do that. However, many crematoriums offer burial plots where you can bury your furry best friend. The cost will depend on the size and location of the plot.

How to find the best pet cremation near me?

Choosing to cremate your dog can be a good decision and help you during this difficult time of extreme loss. Dealing with the loss of your dog can be pretty overwhelming, so making sure you get the best possible service in these times is crucial. Here are a few steps that could help you find the best pet cremation service near you;

1. Preparation

If you have a senior dog or a dog suffering from a deadly illness, it would be a good idea to prepare for the worst. You can start by calling your local pet crematoriums or cemeteries. Start by asking them what services they offer and ask them to tell you a bit more about the whole cremation process. This step will help you focus on grief and not have to organize everything immediately after the loss of your pet.

2. Ask about costs

We listed earlier average prices and fees crematoriums can charge you. Make sure you ask about all the details that will go into price. Make sure the person you are talking to understands you are not a buyer that will easily get swindled.

3. Things that cannot be cremated

Think about things you should remove from your dog before the cremation. Things like collars or ID tags should be removed. You might want to keep it as a nice memory of your dog.

4. Talk to your vet

If you know that your dog doesn’t have much time left with you, it is a good idea to talk to your vet about it. They can tell you all about various options, and they might have some sort of a deal with crematoriums. That can help you with the whole process.

If you are dealing with the loss of your pet, we want to extend our deepest condolences. We are dog owners and are very well aware of what the loss of your dog means. We hope you remember all the lovely moments you shared with your pet and hope you recover. Allow yourself to heal and give it time.

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