200 Most Popular French Dog Names

200 Most Popular French Dog Names

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 17 2023


One of the first major decisions a future dog owner has to make is - which name they should give their dog. Having so many options can be difficult and confusing. There is some truth to the expression “spoilt by choice.” If you’re not really sure what you’d name your dog and you love the French culture, maybe a French dog name will fit your dog.

Some dog owners get French dog breeds and decide they want to honor the breed’s heritage by giving them a French name. If that’s the case with you and your future dog, you might find this article helpful. We had problems picking the right name for our dogs, so we made a list of possible dog names that might make your decision easier. Here is an extensive list of French dog names. However, before we go into the list, here are a few things to consider.

How to pick the right French dog name?

The only limit is your imagination. Theoretically, you can pick whatever French dog name you want. However, some universal rules make some names better suited for dogs.

1. Names that sound like commands

You don’t want to confuse your dog. Their name should be clear and easily distinguishable from anything else you’re saying to your dog. Names that sound like commands are a recipe for confusion. If you pick a name like “Kit,” your dog might confuse the name with the command “Sit.” It’s best to avoid such names.

2. Short names are a better choice

If you can say it quickly, there’s nothing wrong with picking long names for your dog. Imagine if your dog is running into a busy street. You’d want to yell their name loudly, sharply, and, most importantly, quickly. That might be impossible with names like Nabuchodonosor. However, you can use nicknames and get your dog used to be called by an abbreviation of their real name.

3. Test the name

One of the best advice anyone can give you is to test the name you want to choose. Some names don’t roll over the tongue easily, and some might not suit your dog. It might be funny to call your dog Ares or Mars, and the dog ends up being scared of everything. Make sure to test the name before making the final decision.

Here are our favorite French dog names;

Female French dog names

female french dog names

Male French dog names

male french dog names

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