10 Commandments for Dog Owners

10 Commandments for Dog Owners

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Getting a new dog is not all fun and smiles; it is a huge responsibility people often overlook. Dogs are living beings with needs, and it is up to us to fulfill them. Dogs are not only pets; they are a part of your family, and they should be treated as such. Here are the 10 commandments for dog owners;

1. I am your dog

Just like Christianity’s first commandment, dog’s commandments state, “I am your dog.” Owners should know the dog is their responsibility. Your children, family members, and friends can maybe be counted on, but as a responsible dog owner, you are the dog’s primary caretaker. It is up to you to make sure they are well-fed, happy, safe, and healthy.

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2. You may have other dogs

Many dog owners know that having a dog can lead to having other dogs. While you are allowed to have other dogs, you have to make time for all individual dogs. Dogs might work better in packs, but they all require training, socialization, and human interaction. You may have other dogs, but only if you can have time for each and every one of them.

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3. Give your dog time

Dogs are the best animal in the world, and they do their best to understand what you want from them. Not all dogs learn equally fast, so make sure you are patient with your dog. Give your dog time to understand what you want from them. They are doing their best to satisfy you and earn your praise.

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4. You are your dog’s world

Your social circle can be pretty large, but your whole dog’s world is only you. Don’t lock your dog in their crate or separate rooms for too long. Your dog is a social animal, and they only have you to socialize with. Dogs that are away from their owners often don’t eat and lose interest in everything around them. Keep that in mind when making plans and before you decide to get a dog.

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5. Remember the “Dog” day

Many religions claim you have to set aside one day to praise your god. Well, dog ownership says you should take a day for your dog. Take them on an adventure; go hiking or exploring a nearby forest. Take your dog somewhere where they can have fun and spend their energy. Your dog will love all your ideas, and they will be more than happy to follow you anywhere you go.

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6. Honor the dog’s mother and father

This doesn’t mean you have to do anything for your dog’s mother and father, but rather you look into your puppy’s ancestors. This dog commandment is especially true if you are buying a dog. Looking at your dog’s family tree can reveal a lot about your dog’s possible health issues, character, and many things future dog owners should know. If you can, take a good look at the puppy’s mother and father.

7. Never intentionally hurt your dog

This is a pretty straightforward dog commandment. You should never intentionally cause your dog pain - physical or emotional. Abusing animals is one of the worst things a person can do. We firmly believe these people should be held accountable and sent to correctional facilities. This rule applies to training your dog as well. Don’t use punishment, fear, and pain as a training method. Not only is it cruel, but it can also lead to behavioral issues, shyness, and aggressiveness.

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8. Do not lie about your dog

Dog owners need to be pretty honest, especially with vets, trainers, and other dog owners in the park. If your dog doesn’t like the company of other dogs, be honest and say so. You might avoid some sticky situations that can get you or your dog hurt. Do not lie to your vet - if you gave your dog something questionable to eat, say so. The truth can help your vet determine the best course of action and help save your dog’s life.

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9. Do not leave your dog

Leaving your dog behind is not something any decent dog owner should ever do. We understand that there are circumstances where your dog might have to stay with a family member or at a pet hotel but never leave your dog behind. You made a commitment to your dog, and for the next 10 - 15 years, you have to honor that commintment. Your dog’s life is short, and one day for you is an eternity for them.

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10. Love your dog at all times

Many dog owners are enthusiastic about their new puppies while they are small and adorable, but getting a dog is for their whole life. You have to love and place your trust in your dog. Make sure you are always there for them and take care of your dog when they grow old. Dogs reflect their owners, and if you trust and love your dog, they will be as happy and as healthy as they can be.

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