World Dog Show - WDS 2025

World Dog Show - WDS 2025

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During the World Dog Show in Madrid, it was announced that the FCI World Dog Show 2025 will be organized in Helsinki! Finnish kennel club was very proud of this selection, and they can't wait until the show comes.

Where will the WDS 2025 be held?

World Dog Show is scheduled to be held in Helsinki, Finland. The Finnish Kennel Club will be the host, and they cannot be more excited to organize what promises to be one of the highlight dog show events in 2025.

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Where is the venue?

Helsinki and Finland are home to some of the world's largest expos. Luckily, there are fantastic showrooms where the venue can be held. For the World Dog Show 2025, the venue is the Messukeskus, Expo, and Convention Centre Helsinki. The location of this expo is close to the Helsinki center. Also, the venue can host up to 120 000 people.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland and has a capacity of 16.000 rooms for visitors. It is a very safe city and very easy to move around.

World Dog Show 2025 dates

The exact date of the WDS 2025 is still unknown. We know this show will be held in august, but we will have to wait for the exact dates to come out.

How to reach Helsinki?

Helsinki is well connected and easy to move around. You can find a direct flight to Helsinki airport from 140 different destinations. Helsinki airport is located nearly 30 minutes from the city center, and to get to the center, you can use fast train connections.

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